Aren't computers wonderful?

  Forum Editor 19:16 10 Jun 2008

My car was in for a service, and I went to collect it today. Various things = huge bill, but that's another story. Credit card to the fore, 'please enter your PIN sir' followed by 'I'm sorry, the transaction has been declined'.

Embarrasment all round, followed by me phoning VISA, who said 'Yes, your card has been blocked - someone tried to use it in Delhi at two 'oclock our time today, and we declined the transaction'.

Out with another card, and the car was mine again. As I drove home I started thinking about just how clever the VISA system is. Long ago my card provider suggested that I notified them every time I travelled - they said that as I travel a fair bit I should let them know where I'm going to be, and for how long. I've always done it, but never though much about it until today. The VISA fraud department told me that my account is marked each time I notify them, and it was that which triggered them to decline the Delhi transaction - the VISA system knew I wasn't there.

It's irritating to have a transaction declined, but when you think about the security nightmares the card providers face on a daily basis it's good to have evidence of how they try to protect us - and themselves.

  laurie53 19:19 10 Jun 2008

Well well! The system sometimes works!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 10 Jun 2008

Glad its worked for you.

Took out ID theft insurance when I got a new card recently, works so well I cannot use my card on line at all, works OK on chip and pin.

After 4 weeks arguing with various people on the phone found out all transactions fail with security code error. They are now going to send me a new card.

Even after the hassle of the last few weeks I would rather the security be tight than loose money through fraud.

  beeuuem 20:05 10 Jun 2008

The fraud protection is all well and good. But if the card provider decides a transaction is suspect might they not tell us about it?
My card was declined for a mobile 'phone payment on Thursday. I assumed it was an error on my part and used a different card. The card was rejected again for an Ebuyer purchase on Friday.
On 'phoning the card provider I was told that the use of the card to hire a floor sander on the preceding Monday had been deemed suspect.

Aside from the embarrassment FE, what do you do if you haven't another card?

  interzone55 20:20 10 Jun 2008

When your card was declined on Thursday did you not think to phone the bank straight away? I know I would...

  Totally-braindead 20:49 10 Jun 2008

A good thing for you FE but there was a bit on Watchdog a few weeks ago about people that had gone on holiday and had their card declined and some of these people had informed their CC company that they would be overseas and would be using their card.
With them it appears telling your CC company fell on deaf ears.

  beeuuem 21:14 10 Jun 2008

The 'phone payment was at 9.00 pm and they didn't actually say that the card had been declined, merely that the payment had not gone through. I assumed I had made an error and just gave them another card to complete the transaction. The second event was at 9.30 am the following morning. Then I did immediately 'phone the CC provider at a mere 40p for a 5 minute call.
My point is, if they had suspended the card on Monday would it not be reasonable to tell me, rather than wait for me to find out the hard way?

  belfman 21:56 10 Jun 2008

"what do you do if you haven't another card?"

In my case it was the banks computers went down and my card ceased to function as a debit card and an ATM card. I found it out when I was trying to pay for shopping and of course I had no cash on me. Resolution was apologise and leave... later it became province wide news so I was saved from embarassment the next time I went into the store.

  spuds 23:06 10 Jun 2008

The other day I tried to purchase on-line a TV licence, and the credit card was declined. Then made a telephone call to TV licensing, and again the card was declined. So eventually made the purchase via another card from the same credit card provider.

Later that morning made a expensive purchase from one of our local shops, and to save possible embarrassment, informed the staff that the credit card had been declined, and would they try the declined card. No problem at all, the card was accepted and transaction went straight ahead.

Considering that it was the third time I had purchased a TV licence using the original credit card, and the first time that I had use a credit card transaction at the local store. It makes you wonder if the Visa technology is foolproof and secure.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:16 10 Jun 2008



  barca1 23:19 10 Jun 2008

IMHO FE id want to know who's been scamming your card details to be honest...if its a garage or a small shop as where i live last year a petrol garage was absolutly SLATED for scamming hundreds of peoples details from the PDQ (Credit card) machine inside the garage was run by some family from pakistan who had a history of similar scamms...

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