Are You Unicode Aware?

  Pesala 13:36 04 May 2005

Those of us who work with foreign languages have had to struggle with incompatible fonts and documents using non-standard character mappings for years. In short, we have used all kinds of kludges to print the characters that we need.

Now that Unicode is available as standard for most users (Windows XP and Windows ME to a great extent), I wonder how many users make use of it‽ Would you use any of these extended characters? Or do you use some that are not shown here?

Latin 1 Supplement click here • Latin Extended-A click here • Latin Extended-B click here • Latin Extended Additional click here • Pali, Sanskrit, Welsh, Vietnamese click here • Punctuation, Superscripts click here • Geometric Shapes click here • Miscellaneous Symobls click here

  Chris25 01:28 05 May 2005

One of the benefits to me of moving to Win2K or XP has been the improved Unicode support (I typeset books and journals for a living, often featuring Hebrew, Greek or transliterated text and know all about having to "bodge" characters when using Windows 98SE).

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