Are you a Stargazer?

  peter99co 20:32 31 Jan 2011

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Audio slideshow.

  Bingalau 21:19 31 Jan 2011


  muddypaws 21:23 31 Jan 2011

Thanks for the link.
Will read tomorrow.

  morddwyd 21:31 31 Jan 2011

Showing your age there!

Cyril Stapleton's resident group as I recall.

  gardener 23:30 31 Jan 2011

Yes I am, and it me off the amount of light pollution around my area, and it's a rural area with no street lights. However about three miles away is an industrial estate which lights up the sky to such an extent that makes 'deep sky' observing almost impossible.

Add to that a few idiots who have garden floodlights switched on throughout the night (why??) and I haven't much of a chance of seeing a supernova let alone a red dwarf.

As it is most people will never see the Milky Way in all it's splendour, and that in itself is a shame.

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  Forum Editor 00:51 01 Feb 2011

I have seen the Milky way in all its splendour - lying on my back on a sleeping bag just outside Alice Springs in Australia.

It quite literally made the hairs on my neck stand up - I've never seen anything so incredible. It was a totally silent, totally dark and very warm night. I stared at the stars for about an hour, and went to bed feeling extremely small.

  morddwyd 08:23 01 Feb 2011

I've done the same in the Falklands.

I've seen the northern skies from some of the dark areas of Galloway, but to see the Southern Cross and the rest of the visible universe on a moonless night when there is no other light except the stars is, as you say, incredible.

Like you I was spellbound for more than an hour. However, as it was in the middle of June and there was snow lying, unlike you I was absolutely frozen!

  Quickbeam 08:30 01 Feb 2011

I've only seen the Milky Way once. It was in the Lakes, which is unusual, way back when we used to have regular power cuts. That combined with the sky being clody apart from a clear portal of a few miles diameter above where I was viewing from. It is truly spectacular.

  gardener 10:13 01 Feb 2011


I saw the Milky Way when holidaying in Cornwall and it had the same effect on me. Also the number of visible stars around was overwhelming, it was difficult to make out the constellations as all the stars seemed to stand out from the blackness.

  peter99co 10:58 01 Feb 2011

Bang on subject again?

  Chegs ®™ 12:15 01 Feb 2011

I noticed saturday night just how clear the sky was,and also just how bright the streetlights are in some places around the town.A few years back whenever I was returning to the town I could see an orange haze above the town from all the sodium lights,these seem to be have different lamps within as even the cycletrack behind the houses opposite is almost floodlit with just 3 lamp-posts.These new streetlights are so bright that I keep mistaking their illumination for vehicles headlights approaching.Fortunately,I live on the edge of the Lake District so I don't have far to walk to escape from this light pollution sufficiently to enable me to observe the stars only my location also means that clear skies are infrequent(the Lakes needed rainfall to form,and living about 20 miles from 1 of the wettest places in Britain...)

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