Are you planning to switch to cloud computing?

  PC Advisor 10:47 19 Oct 2011
  Woolwell 12:05 19 Oct 2011

No - but not because it is a waste of time. But because I am concerned about availability of internet connection. Upload speeds are not great. I want my data immediately where I am and I don't want to depend on a flaky connection if I'm out and about. I also have security concerns.

  Covergirl 12:18 19 Oct 2011

I've voted that I haven't made up my mind yet, but in reality it's No - I have misgivings about 1. exactly who had access to my files and 2. whether the service provider I had chosen would at some point in the future go belly up.

I guess the questions are already answered in the cloud specifications, but for the moment, thanks but no thanks.

  lotvic 12:51 19 Oct 2011

No, I like my stuff on my pc at home. Also don't want to have to be connected to the internet using up monthly download allowance just to do anything and I'd be stuck whenever my connection went down. Concerned about security as well. I'll give it a miss.

  anskyber 13:38 19 Oct 2011

Sort of.

In a very minor was many have it already if anyone uses as I do an internet based email system like gMail. Things like my contacts are therefore in the cloud.

In the "bigger picture" I'm reluctant to commit my whole life such as documents and pictures to the cloud without an earth based (hard drive) back up. Perversely it is the cloud which gives me a back for the potentially unpredictable hard drive.

I recently installed iOS5 on my phone so I am giving the back up service there a run out.

  cream. 13:38 19 Oct 2011

I have all I need on a £9.99 4Gb usb drive that goes with me everywhere. It gets updated whenever I use it.

Voted no.

  gengiscant 14:20 19 Oct 2011

As yet another backup it is useful. I already used Dropbox and have now got access to the iCloud so I really do not have any problems with it.

  gengiscant 14:24 19 Oct 2011

Yet another need for the non existent edit button, I really should have looked at the poll tittle. I am assuming the poll refers to going totally to the cloud then no apart from what I mentioned in the above post.

  interzone55 15:15 19 Oct 2011

I'm not sold on this at a domestic user level.

As Cream mentioned, I have a 16gb USB stick that travels with me where-ever I go, on it is a portable version of Open Office, and a copy of the Documents folder from my laptop.

This means I can access reasonable quality office applications and my documents, from any with a PC.

My laptop came with a free online data storage account, but it only works with my laptop (tied to the MAC of the laptop, so actually only works if I'm connected by WiFi, the MAC of the RJ45 is different), so not really ideal.

As for companies, I can see benefits, as you can place all your documents into a single, managed and secured, pool for all your staff to access from any location

  sunnystaines 16:59 19 Oct 2011

no, as for reasons stated already your stuck if the net goes down, also prefer the security of my home pc

  ams4127 17:14 19 Oct 2011


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