Are you over 21 sir...

  interzone55 10:13 20 Sep 2007

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Surely the point of the Task21 scheme to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors is for shop assistants to request proof of age for anyone who looks younger than 21.

As the minimum age for the purchase of alcohol is 18 this check out assistant shouldn't have been asking a 71 year old customer to prove he is over 21.

  techie4me 10:16 20 Sep 2007

Bet you some one in PR in Morrisons will realise they have got some bad PR over this.
Expect the old boy to be given some free drink by the supermarket!

  JanetO 10:30 20 Sep 2007

This is another case of stupidity of an interpretation of the law.

  Stuartli 12:48 20 Sep 2007

This is not, in fact, the first time this has happened at a Morrison's supermarket this year.

Beggars belief.

  spuds 13:04 20 Sep 2007

I thought 'Jobsworths' were becoming extinct?.

One of our local larger stores have recently been prosecuted, because they let two 14 year olds purchase two rather large and pointed kitchen knives.A number of other warnings and prosecutions have also taken place through supplying 14/15 year olds with booze. All this was due to Trading Standard 'stings'. In each case the TS made the point that the teenagers used were obviously looking underage.

  The Brigadier 13:15 20 Sep 2007

Obviously Morrisons take a certain type of person who cant think on their own & engauge the brain.
I bet the gentleman will get invited to a rival supermarket with a nice FREE bottle to tempt him!

  pj123 14:20 20 Sep 2007

I have only been to Morrisons once, that was the last time.

Safeway was my favourite supermarket but that has been taken over by Morrisons so I don't go there anymore.

  Sic 14:37 20 Sep 2007

You have to laugh, my father was working in the USA for a little while, was bowling with some other guys from work and he was asked for ID when he went to buy some beers. He was 57 at the time and completely grey.

  Curio 14:39 20 Sep 2007

99% of Jobsworths are Council employees! :o)

  Earthsea 14:52 20 Sep 2007

When I was a kid, me and my mates would just hang around outside an off-licence and ask someone to buy the booze and fags for us. Maybe Mr Ralls should do the same.

  bremner 15:54 20 Sep 2007

I was attending a conference in Orlando a few years ago, one evening with four others, I went to Universal City Walk for a drink. We were all aged over 40 and the eldest was nearly sixty. The barman refused to serve us beer until we all provided proof we were over 21.

When asked to explain his idiotic behaviour he said the manager instructed all staff that everyone had to be treated the same as it would be discrimatory only to ask those who looked under 21.

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