Are you more aware of global warming

  powerless 20:02 07 Jul 2007

because of Live Earth?

  lisa02 20:06 07 Jul 2007

Global Warming? Live Earth?

What's that all about then?

No. Waste of time, money and energy.

  spikeychris 20:09 07 Jul 2007

shall we just ignore everything and hope it all ends up OK?

  Al94 20:09 07 Jul 2007

Agreed LisaO2 (not nearly as entertaining as last weeks!)

  bremner 20:11 07 Jul 2007

I am really impressed and influenced by a group of pop stars who spend their lives travelling the globe in aircraft and then appear on stage using more electric in 2 hours than the average family uses in a year.

  Legolas 20:14 07 Jul 2007

Well we're discussion it here so they seem to have raised awareness, which would appear to be the whole idea.

  dan* 20:22 07 Jul 2007

Sums it up very well.

it was reported in the newspaper this morning that madonna was using a gas gussling audi a8 just to go to the gym. Al gore uses £500 worth of gas a MONTH in his house. So what will their " carbon footprints " be?

We try to do our little bit. Energy reducing light bulbs, turn down thermostats, turn off lights when not in use, unplug everything when not used except fridge and freezer, walk when possible, bike if less than 2 miles and have never been in an aircraft.

Think my footprint and power bill might be a bit smaller than some of

  spikeychris 20:25 07 Jul 2007

Tell me a better way of reaching two billion people. I know it will use a trillion megawatts of juice and the bands have been jetted in and Al Gore has a dubious heritage and his motives scream to be questioned but it is flagging up the fact that we waste sooo much stuff.

  dan* 20:35 07 Jul 2007

Haven't the media been banging on about climate change for a few years now. News broadcasts, TV programs, documentaries, scientific conferences, etc etc.

99% of the worlds population must of know of the warnings of climate change before this concert. Some believe it, some don't. I do.

I think it's just an ego trip for some and a way of flagging or promoting one's career probably for there own financial gain.

  rdave13 20:37 07 Jul 2007

I blame the cows in the fields. Can you imagine the tonnage of methane gas they produce? Shame on them.

  bremner 20:37 07 Jul 2007

There is some value in what you say but we really are being beaten to death by the global warming message.

I fear that events such as this have the potential to cause people to resent the message.

I saw Joss Stone wittering on on Newsnight on Friday about planting trees and switching off lights in a totally patronising and sanctimonious fashion. At the end all I wanted to do was expel carbon dioxide.

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