Are You Happy With Your Lot?

  oresome 15:07 24 Jul 2012

But were you anxious yesterday?

It seems that the PM has had the wellbeing of the nation measured as another statistic to put in the pot when devising policy.

Blackpool has some of the least content they still have that laughing clown in the fun park that drives you crazy?

Whereas happiness is living on one of the remote Scottish isles.

  oresome 15:11 24 Jul 2012

I don't know how that happened!

One of the tag words says rubbishsurvey.

I certainly didn't put the word 'rubbish' in.

I'm not happy.

  Kevscar1 15:27 24 Jul 2012

Did you exect him to sound happy tempting everyone to move there and make him as miserable as the rest of us.

  Condom 16:06 24 Jul 2012

Whilst seconded to the Civil Service from the NHS one of my jobs was to assist moving the HQ of the National Savings Bank from Blythe Road in London To Glasgow. Glasgow didn't have a great reputation at the time so you can imagine that convincing key workers to move from London was not easy.

I eventually found one who lived in Brighton and who travelled to London every day on the train which was both a costly and time consuming exercise. His day was basically leave Brighton at 6am and return 9 pm. I took him to Glasgow and showed him what was on offer and he was so amazed. He could buy a big house by a beach or beside a Loch with £'s to spare, spend no more than an hour travelling each day and still have the facilities of the second best shopping in the UK. When he finally moved and was settled he was the best recruiter I ever had and when I went back to see him years later he told me that he and his family didn't know what living really was until they moved.

It is not for everyone but being able to have a good family life and still work hard beats the hurly burly for me every time.

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