Are you emailing people 'e-cards' this Christmas?

  PC Advisor 14:49 20 Dec 2010

Every Christmas we hear that the physical Christmas card is dying, and that we'll only email each other 'e-cards' from now on. But the practice of sending cards through the post seems to be hanging on.

Have you sent e-cards, or paper cards, or both, or neither, this Christmas?

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  Seth Haniel 15:05 20 Dec 2010

or rather their envelopes

use to look forward to guessing who from by the 'postmark' can't remember being able to read a postmark for quite a while now -have a collection of victorian envelopes and can clearly see the town on each postmark -
also the stamps are too small and may as well just be multicoloured squares as to the theme they are supposed to portray - probably a half the size of the old christmas issues. Plus the expense, as most cards are in a size outwith the normal posting rates and the receiver having to pay extra for receiving it - and usually just a from Bob & Betty in .

  jakimo 15:33 20 Dec 2010

sent both,but its getting harder to find cards with 'Christmas' mentioned

  Jameslayer 15:40 20 Dec 2010

I love Christmas cards and will continue to send them. You cant put a computer card on your wall.

  ajm 15:44 20 Dec 2010

This year I ordered 100 personlised card sending it to my top clients and a few business colleagues, partners and friends.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 20 Dec 2010

Both because the snail mail can't get through to some places.

My grandson has had an e-card from Santa welcoming to his first Christmas.


  jack O'lantern 15:56 20 Dec 2010

When my late missus presented me with a like with which to do my 'Duty'
I hasve always had the feeling that if I am seeing someone on a Frequwnty basis then a personal Greeting is much bett,and if it is an infrequent aquaintence- would thewy care?
What finally put the kybosh on the whole business is when the ladies of an office each turn up with boxes of cards to distriubute to each other even though they seeone and other every day.

Having said the - I have admittedly passed on those E-Card that have come my way - such a the 'Cracker'
Posted here recently.

  gengiscant 16:25 20 Dec 2010

This year as usual I will be sending no cards 'E' or otherwise.

  interzone55 16:32 20 Dec 2010

Sent proper snail mail cards. I sent them all a couple of weeks ago and they've all got through.

Had a few e-cards off my customers and some suppliers, I really don't like them though, as others have said, you can't stick them on your wall.

I'm not sure about Seth Haniel's comment regarding size. Pretty much every card I've seen has been within the standard letter dimensions, and most reputable card printers do say on the back of the card whether it's "standard" or "large letter" size.

  wee eddie 19:29 20 Dec 2010

How do you sort out the real thing from the Spam.

'Valerie has sent you a Greeting' et cetera

  MAT ALAN 19:59 20 Dec 2010

Someone in the depths of some dark and distant department where i work decided sending an E-Card would be a nice idea, it was (is) the most awefull concoction i have seen in along time.
sadly designed by someone who has no idea what represents Xmas and what a Xmas jingle might sound like...

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