Are we serious about Sentencing

  peter99co 13:19 28 Aug 2008

A Gun Converter has been received a Life Sentence of a least 11 years.

  Pine Man 13:24 28 Aug 2008

I half expected him to get an award for engineering prowess;-)

  Cymro. 13:26 28 Aug 2008

So what sentence exactly would you think appropriate in this case then?

  peter99co 13:27 28 Aug 2008

Why is he not an accessory to murder? Or did he think the guns were for show?

  Cymro. 13:29 28 Aug 2008

By the sounds of things he is a very accomplished engineer who could have earned a good living for himself legally. Assuming that they have some sort of workshop at the prison then it will be very interesting to see what he turns his hands to.

  Wrinkles 13:33 28 Aug 2008

He should be done, for the very least Manslaughter, but at best multiple counts of murder.Then instead of the slap on the wrist a murderer usually gets he should be put away for the rest of his life.

  Cymro. 13:43 28 Aug 2008

So why do you suppose people do such things then?
This chap like the one who converted imitation weapons is a highly skilled artisan who could earn good wages in a well respected trade in the community, but they and many like them end up, quite rightly, serving long prison sentences.

Their obvious talents are wasted in prison surely we can thing of something better to do with them, preferably something that would be a benefit to society but still be a punishment and a deterrent.

  Cymro. 13:45 28 Aug 2008

I think you all know where I had intended to make this posting.

  sunny staines 13:53 28 Aug 2008

the trouble is overcrowding and go soft politics etc he will be out in about 5 years or less. 11 should mean 11 end of story.

  peter99co 14:24 28 Aug 2008

11 should mean 11? Hardly Life. It's a Joke

Money is more important and if you steal money you get a bigger sentence. Kill or Assist others to and this is all we can manage?

  oresome 14:43 28 Aug 2008

"Why is he not an accessory to murder? Or did he think the guns were for show?"

Do we apply the same logic to arms manufacturers?

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