Are we ready for IE 8 Beta??

  wolfie3000 06:42 06 Mar 2008

Yes its been released as a Beta, but will it be as buggy as SP3??

Anyone tried it yet? any major problems with it??

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Also A new Beta for Silverlight has been released.

I think i learnt my lesson with SP3 and will give these betas a miss.

  laurie53 10:26 06 Mar 2008

I'm not even happy with IE7 yet.

  birdface 12:00 06 Mar 2008

Yes tried it this morning.But I must admit I kept my own settings so far a couple of problems.Especially when typing,if you make a mistake you could normally click your mouse on it to change it.Now you have to use the keyboard forward back arrows to get to it.Also a few problems coppying and pasting.Just little niggles that you expect from a beta.No doubt that I will get them sorted eventually.Not a great difference from IE7 Just an extra toolbar which I don't like so have unticked it.Getting a bit fed up using the forward and back arrows onthe Keyboard at the moment.Plus you get the odd window that you can't get out of.So you have to shut IE down then open it again.I have an old computer so maybe the more modern ones may cope a bit better.No major problems except for the odd niggle.So the choice is yours.

  Totally-braindead 13:05 06 Mar 2008

I don't try Betas at all. Its sometimes bad enough with a full release. No way a Beta is going near my PC.

  lisa02 14:49 06 Mar 2008

As the saying goes "Any program that runs properly is obsolete."

not a chance. am enjoying ff 3 beta though.

  DrScott 18:44 06 Mar 2008

I rarely use IE, and if I do it's only for sites that don't cope with Opera or Firefox.

A beta version? I think I'll avoid that until Microsoft package it in one of their updates.

  lisa02 18:52 06 Mar 2008

Well I tried it, on the surface I didn't notice anything different except that it had an "emulate IE7" button. Weirdly the scroll wheel acted like it was on a spring ie. everytime I scrolled down a bit it sprung back to the top.

I've rolled back to IE7, I'll do the same as the Dr, just wait til it comes down the updates pipe.

  birdface 19:29 06 Mar 2008

Hi.yes got the same problem with the scroll wheel. This from PCA. click here

  Legolas 21:20 06 Mar 2008

I d/l and intalled IE8 Beta earlier tonight lasted all of 10 mins had the same problem as lisa02 with the scrolling, when I went to a favourite site and it was displayed wrongly i.e. when I clicked on a link it opended a different link, I decided it was time to go back to my old friend IE6 I don't like IE7

  birdface 08:26 07 Mar 2008

Just about to follow you.I can join other threads but it will not let me open a new one.So cannot get any help to fix the problems that I have with it.Most of the problems are with the typing.and mouse problem,Nothing serious just a nuisance.Plus the spell check does not work which is a must for me.I will give it the rest of the day to see if I can fix it .if not back to IE7.

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