Are we now driving like the Italians?

  rdave13 22:34 16 Jul 2009

End of last year and the beginning of this one I drove to near York and back twice.
Motorway driving was very reasonable with no strange manoeuvres that can cause more stress
than usual.
Today, however, travelling to Liverpool and in the City itself I was totally amazed at the inconsiderate drivers
who 'undertake', swerve to another lane and force you to stop as they push you to the kerb at traffic lights.
OK they are locals and know the area but I was a stranger and surely when the driver at the back sees the
TomTom 'glow' on my windscreen then they must realise that the driver in front will be a tad slower so should they not make a bit more of
an allowance?
Not on your Nellie. Don't get me wrong, I was keeping up with the traffic speed but just having a Sat-Nav must irk these very stupid drivers for some reason.
Bloody selfishness as simple as that.
As for motorbikes, it's a wonder any are alive.
Sorry for the rant. That's the penalty for not living in the rat race I suppose.

  anskyber 22:36 16 Jul 2009

Drive in Italy and you will see how good it is here. I go in a few weeks.

  rdave13 22:53 16 Jul 2009

Not heard from you for a while. Hope all are well?
That bad in Italy then.
Full body armour and a fireman's helmet should help.

  Kevscar1 06:41 17 Jul 2009

If they are concentrating on you hard enough to be able to see the glow of your Sat Nav then they are not spending enough time on the road or other users.
How would they know the glow was from a Sat Nav and not a DVD player or something else.

  laurie53 08:05 17 Jul 2009

I don't think we're quite as bad as Italy (yet!).

When we were last there we used to derive much entertainment watching drivers getting into a kerbside space simply by shunting any other parked cars backwards and forwards until the space was big enough!

  tigertop2 08:44 17 Jul 2009

Help! my wife is out in Italy right now in a hire car

  anskyber 08:51 17 Jul 2009

Still here but more lurking than contributing, I must get out of these lazy ways. I'm fine thanks and I trust you are too.

  rdave13 09:27 17 Jul 2009

That's the point really, they don't concentrate on other road users, they just push in any old how. To be fair, though, it was 'rush' hour. I suppose my driving habits would change if I lived in a City.
anskyber, everyone fine, daughter got the thumbs up yesterday.

  Kevscar1 10:30 17 Jul 2009

Maybe they are too busy watching their own Sat Navs

  wee eddie 13:00 17 Jul 2009

I normally cruise at between 70 & 75mph and I am in a fairly constant stream, overtaking those on the inner lanes and occasionally making way for someone coming through.

However, almost the moment we get from the M6 to the M5, things change. My speed remains the same but even the Lorries are overtaking me. I usually appear to be the slowest vehicle on the road.

When we transfer to the M4, normality seems to return, except that I am now in the Mid-range, speed-wise that is.

  Quickbeam 13:12 17 Jul 2009

Not yet, everytime I'm in an Italian hotel room in a city centre, the most obvious indication of being in Italy is the continual peep, peeep, peeep, peeeeep of car and scooter horns that goes on until about 4 am!

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