Are we headed for Red October?

  john bunyan 11:36 17 Jun 2017

October will mark the centenary of the Russian 1917 revolution. I have the impression that Monentum and the extreme Left are in a similar mood , with talk of putting a million on the streets, to force the fall of the government. Already you can see the placards "Tories Out" on every protest march , even about the fire. Maybe I am over concerned, but I think we are in for a difficult summer.

  Pablo de Catio 11:52 17 Jun 2017

Stop spinning. You will get dizzy.

  Govan1x 13:43 17 Jun 2017

Think you could be right JB but think a new PM might quieten things down a bit.

The Pm just now cant do anything right and I think most of the frustration is against her.

You are correct about the banners they are popping up quite often in protest. As long as it is just banners we should be Ok.

I take it you think maybe the banners first then the strikes. Nothing the mater with the Tories Out Placards as there are probably millions of folk that would do the same but do not go to political rallies.

The Tory party is so weak just now and will not be able to push through any tough laws etc.

What we don't want is a weak government that cannot govern.

  rickf 14:21 17 Jun 2017

Fear mongering already? Calm down. No one is going to storm the palace.

  Cymro. 14:26 17 Jun 2017

The Left in the UK have been trying to get a revolution off the ground for the last couple of hundred years but all to no avail. If such tactics would not work in the past when things were much worse than they are now I can't see any such thing happening now.

A difficult summer it may be but a revolution no way. Mind you there are plenty like myself who would be glad of a revolution.

  wee eddie 14:28 17 Jun 2017

If TM stands down, or is sacked, her replacement will have the same problem. How to create an Overall Majority.

This is the way that those countries that have embraced Proportional Representation live. It's not the end of the world. That Parliament can pass no new laws should be viewed as a blessed relief.

If we don't want it we can have another General Election and even another Referendum on the same sheet of paper

  john bunyan 15:29 17 Jun 2017

I was, of course, being ironic. Calm down , dears.

  rickf 16:25 17 Jun 2017

Always a grain of truth in jokes or irony isn't there. Still we live in a democracy.

  oresome 17:09 17 Jun 2017

Mind you there are plenty like myself who would be glad of a revolution.

Care to explain what you'd hope to gain Cymro.

  Aitchbee 17:57 17 Jun 2017

Always a grain of truth in jokes or irony isn't there.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:07 17 Jun 2017

"Mind you there are plenty like myself who would be glad of a revolution."

What a silly thing to say. You obviously have no idea what a revolution entails, or what the consequences would be.

Thankfully, you will not find out - there isn't the slightest chance of it happening in this country.

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