Are we in the end of times?

  zzzz999 06:46 21 Dec 2009

In the last week, thousands of people have reportedly seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary on top of a Coptic Church in Warraq, Egypt.

There are numerous videos captured by mobile phones on YouTube (all pretty poor quality):

click here

click here

A website dedicated to these possible apparitions:

click here

The most famous Marian apparitions in Egypt are those witnessed first by two Muslim men and then by many thousands of people of different religions, and widely reported in the Western press, beginning in 1968 at Zeitoun and occurring off and on until 1971.

Lots of links on Zeitoun, inluding video, photographs, and articles. E.g. click here

I'm not sure what to make of these latest apparitions; it could be a cheeky wee scamp with a top of the range holograph machine, maybe its St Elmo's Fire, it could be those hadron guys have [email protected] something or maybe we are in the end of times. Either way, I thought that it was a fairly interesting story.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:21 21 Dec 2009

This merely goes to show that gullible/stupid/gormless people and hysteria are inexorably related.


  Forum Editor 08:35 21 Dec 2009

of these latest apparitions"

Surely you jest?

  zzzz999 08:50 21 Dec 2009

Jest, no. I don't know what it is. Do you?

I've never seen St Elmo's fire although the conditions for it (the church is on an island) seem right. I just wanted to have some thoughts on what it was, not looking to open the polarised 'is their a God' debate.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:09 21 Dec 2009

"an apparition of the Virgin Mary"

Looks like a luminous blob to me.

I think it is someone in a Bibendum suit painted with phosphorescent paint.

  Joseph Kerr 11:59 21 Dec 2009

If every sighting of the virgin mary means we're nearing the end...well...shouldnt we

Hey, im just sayin'.

  mr simon 16:16 21 Dec 2009

Its an interesting God indeed that ignores the worlds hunger, famine, wars, murder and disasters and concentrates his efforts on a few unconfirmed apparitions.

  Grey Goo 21:36 21 Dec 2009

Probably Iranian Nuclear enrichment plant workers on a jolly to Egypt.

  Input Overload 21:43 21 Dec 2009

Mary wasn't always a Virgin Jesus had brothers, James was one.

  AL47 21:50 21 Dec 2009

haha so they couldnt get any hi res footage of it?

pfffffffffffft i smell something.. male cow poo?


  mr simon 22:39 21 Dec 2009

"pfffffffffffft i smell something.. male cow poo?"

Perhaps it came from this particular cow: click here

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