Are they working

  The Brigadier 16:31 16 Mar 2007

Near were my girl friend live's some local shop owners in Surrey have decided to have a webcam on the hole in the road that recently appeared & how quick it gets repaired by the one of the local utilities companies.

Could this catch on to get other companies to work quicker?

More @ click here

  The Brigadier 16:33 16 Mar 2007

I should state when i say girl friend i mean woman friend.
Mrs B has known Sally for years & she has a husband that is built like a prop forward!

  oresome 16:40 16 Mar 2007

The Brigadier digs a hole for himself!

  Zero G 17:19 16 Mar 2007

Good find Brigadier, go past this road on weekends on my way to my parents.
Big hole & no one working on it!!
Queues go back for miles!!!!

  FungusBoggieman 17:33 16 Mar 2007

where have the days gone when if a company dug a hole another company would come along a n think ah lets put some thing in it.
I hate to say that if a utility company around here digs a hole the sign and barries surounding it ar the only thing that end up in it (hoodie like)

  Zero G 21:45 16 Mar 2007

The road was closed last year for 12 weeks when the waterboard replaced a water main, now seems as the hole has opened up again. Complete chaos in the rush hour & no one knows when either the work will start or more importantly when will it end!

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