Are they going to shut the Curry’s shops ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:28 19 Jul 2010

The dog had been to Pets @ Home, young un had been to McDonut so the wife say's she'll drive round to PC World for me as a treat :-(

I am NOT a big fan of PC World as I find most of their staff unhelpful and arrogant but we sometime see a bit of cut price software or something on the ‘Managers Special' section worth a 2nd look.

They have just had yet another refit.

No ‘Managers Special' section and it took me all my time to find a PC amongst the iPod section, large TV’s, PS3's and X360's, sound systems, camera’s etc etc

  Þ² 03:00 19 Jul 2010

Why would they close the Currys shops?

Are you getting at the fact PCWorld sell TVs, games consoles and what not?

What else are they going to do with the space?

  sunnystaines 08:12 19 Jul 2010

our pcworld has just built a 2nd floor and moved curry's in on this floor quiet handy.

  Big L 266 09:03 19 Jul 2010


Dragon_Heart....With all due respect,avoid PC World at all costs no matter what type of discounted item they have on offer. I have dealt with this cowboy outfit before and I can say they're not worth dealing with. I would rather buy a computer from Steptoe & Son which was in the horses stable rather than from PC World.

"Old iron and lumber!!"

Big L 266

  Armchair 09:32 19 Jul 2010

My local Currys and PC World are becoming increasingly similar. They're also next door to each other. I sometimes pop in to PC World for a wander around, and there are normally clusters of sales staff standing around waiting to pounce. Don't see many customers in there. Their desktop computers advertised as 'gaming PCs' are a laugh (eg When the fitted GPU is a Radeon 5450).

  morddwyd 09:36 19 Jul 2010

The opposite in my part of the world.

click here

PC World closed and moved into Currys.

  johndrew 10:22 19 Jul 2010

Our local Currys shut down some time ago and the nearest PC World is around ten miles away. I think Currys are having a hard time with the competition in the white goods/electricals market and are contracting in the hope they can survive.

  bri-an 10:38 19 Jul 2010

I was looking to buy a small LCD TV and googled it's name.
Up comes Dixons and Currys (identical websites, DSG) with absolutely identical items - but Currys was £20 dearer!!
They seem to be 'being prepared' for an end, I think.

  Chegs ®™ 12:22 19 Jul 2010

Our nearest PCWorld is an hours drive away so I have only visited once.We did have a Currys & Dixons shops on opposite sides of the street,but the Currys store closed years ago & Dixons has changed its name so often I have no idea what its present name actually is,but I do call in frequently as I have an acquaintance works there.

  Dragon_Heart 22:43 21 Jul 2010

Yes Hercules did find the keyboard on his laptop a pain to use :-)

The only things I now buy from PC World are software etc. I once went in with someone who was past retirement age who wanted a PC. The last time he went into PC world they tried to sell him a top spec PC. The staff treated both of us like idiots until I asked to see the manager. He was busy, in a meeting, gone to the loo etc so I said I would contact Head Office.

In times like these you would have thought staff would be keen to be good with customer service ?

I aways found Dixon's very good, OK smaller shops, but at least the staff were OK.

The trouble is 'Armchair' those not in the know are fooled by high numbers.

  Strawballs 01:51 22 Jul 2010

They have PC World and Curry's next to each other in Portsmouth and I really don'y know why as they are the same firm must just double the buisness rates in fact last time I went over there looking for a printer I got it from Curry's as PC World did'nt have anything.

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