Are these the cheapest call rates in uk?

  Crunchy 09:15 06 Sep 2005

Like many other BT customers in uk I have the basic customer account with no add on's. Having put up with expensive call rates for years I discovered, where after registration I now am only charged calls at a 2p connection charge for uk landline calls with zero pence per minute, yes zero!! I still pay my BT line rental but calls are now reduced to around £2 per quarter for 100 calls for as long as I like day or night. Sadly does not apply to internet dialup but still saving a packet.

  Jackcoms 16:12 06 Sep 2005

Have just switched to Tiscali SmartTalk.

£21.99 per month for 2Mb uncapped BB plus free unlimited any time 'phone calls.

Tiscali's 2Mb uncapped BB on its own is £17.99 per month, so I'm effectively paying £4 per month for all the calls I want to 'normal' inland UK numbers (+ BT line rental, of course).

  oresome 17:43 06 Sep 2005


They were obviously too cheap! I've just visited the web site to read the following stop press:

Dear customer,
From the 6th of september all calls via 18866 are subjected to a connection fee of 3p per minute. All calls to landlines within the U.K. will remain 0p per minute!
Best regards, 18866

Note that the connection fee is "per minute".

  Jackcoms 18:05 06 Sep 2005
  beeuuem 12:15 07 Sep 2005

I also use 18866 for all my calls - can only get a BT line - and was a bit worried about the bit where it says a connection fee of 3p per minute.
I queried this by mail yesterday and received the following reply today.

"Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your email.

Please check all 18866 calls are subject to a connection fee of 3p. You will therefore be charged 3p plus
the applicable tariff for the destination you are calling.

We hope this has answered your question.

Should you have any further queries about Call18866 please visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions click here

Kind regards,
Call18866 Customer Services"

  Crunchy 14:54 07 Sep 2005

Thanks all. In my case I share my daughters AOL dialup, even though we live in different houses, she pays so have no cost at all with service provider. I still think a connection charge of 3p and zero pence per minute is a bargain.

  oresome 19:39 07 Sep 2005

So is the connection fee a one off as I would expect, or per minute as their latest headline?

Seems a funny way to attract business telling you a 60 min. phone call will incur a £1.80 connection charge, if in fact they mean 3p.

  stalion 21:52 07 Sep 2005

the connection charge is 3p only and you can talk on each call for 24hours if you want with no further charge

  Monoux 07:28 08 Sep 2005


  anchor 09:43 08 Sep 2005

An alternative low-cost service for making international calls is Telediscount. No pre-payment, or need to sign up for an account.

e.g. France @ 1p/min is a real bargain.

click here

  Danoh 00:04 09 Sep 2005

I'd also emailed them on the 6th and got exactly the same response as you did on the 7th.

I guess they realised their mistake and have changed "subjected to a connection fee of of 3p per minute." to "3p per call."

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