Are rechargeable batteries as powerful as standard batteries?

  Brumas 18:52 02 Feb 2015

Having hankered for a Maglite for quite a while I was more than pleased to receive one for Christmas, a Maglite 4D in fact.

I am very impressed with it but, as it takes 4 D batteries, I realise when they eventually run out, it will not be cheap to replace them. No, I am not a skinflint, just being practical.

How do rechargeable D batteries compare with the Duracell variety, are they as powerful - is it worth buying a battery charger and 4 rechargeable batteries?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 02 Feb 2015

You can buy serval different chare rates of rechargeable batteries

e.g. 800mAh 1200mAh 2700mAh

the bigger the better for heavy duty applications such as cameras

  canarieslover 19:17 02 Feb 2015

Biggest difference that I have found is that rechargeables die suddenly compared to a normal Duracell. Don't seem to last as long either but probably worth it in the long run. They certainly seemed to have improved quite a lot over the years

  morddwyd 19:26 02 Feb 2015

Standard cells are nominally rated at 1.5v, whereas rechargeables are 1.2v, but for most applications they seem to be interchangeable.

Some devices will tell you not to use rechargeables.

I use rechargeables wherever I can, but the biggest pain is capacity, they don't last as long as consumables.

Not too much of a problem with a torch, you just keep a spare set in the charger ready for use, but a damned nuisance if you have to have your smoke alarms down, or your clocks off the wall every few weeks!

I wouldn't hesitate if I were you.

  bumpkin 19:37 02 Feb 2015

Tried them a long time ago, never very impressed but I expect they have improved. You can buy bulk packs of duracell for very little on the net if you shop around that is what I do.

  bumpkin 19:55 02 Feb 2015

Panasonic click here

  Brumas 20:21 02 Feb 2015

Thanks for all the info, I shall look for a battery charger and 4 x rechargeable D batteries.

  QuizMan 20:57 02 Feb 2015

Brumas a useful website for how long to charge them. Recharging batteries

  Brumas 21:36 02 Feb 2015

QuizMan, bookmarked, thanks.

  mole1944 05:53 03 Feb 2015

If you haven't already found it look in the base of your maglite you'll find a spare bulb.they are good torched built like the proverbial outhouse,i have three two pencil ones (2 AA batteries) and one that uses two "D" cells.When i was working in our car workshop i as manager issued everybody with a maglite (30 torches in total) and two rechargeable batteries each with 10 spare to be kept in my stores and used on a strict exchange basis (No batteries no swap),this saved us loads of money and my stores did the recharging.

  BT 08:34 03 Feb 2015

I recently bought an LED torch with a rechargeable battery. The battery is a single unit but I suspect its 2 cells in an outer cover, and is charged in situ with a mains adapter. The torch has a 3 watt Cree LED 'Bulb' and is exceptionally bright. It actually has 2 brightness settings (plus a flashing one) and the paperwork reckons it will run for 68 hours on one charge, (probably on the lower setting). There also a torch from the same place with a 10w Cree LED. Can't imagine how powerful that one is.

If you do go for the rechargeable 'D' cells its worth considering the 'Good to Go' batteries which hold their charge for much longer. I've replaced most of my old ones with these.

Good to go batteries

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