Are PC World encouraging law breaking

  lofty29 15:20 04 Oct 2009

I noticed on a PCWorld tv ad that they are extoling the large capacity hard drive on one of their products so that all ones film could be stored on same, surely this is against copyright law.

  DANZIG 15:23 04 Oct 2009

I'm no expert, but if you actually own a legal copy of the film surely you are permitted to make a back up copy of it?

If this were not the case, then surely any manufacturer or seller of pretty much any device - PC's, phones, ipods (sorry, 'generic MP3 player') etc etc would be guilty of the same thing?

  lofty29 15:37 04 Oct 2009

I thought that was the case, but was informed that any copying in the UK was in breach of copyright law.

  john bunyan 16:05 04 Oct 2009

Yes, I think you are technically correct but as long as you buy the original and make a back up for your sole use (not to give or sell other copies to others) and not used in public etc, you will not be prosecuted - for years the authorities hav turned a blind eye in the UK and as long as you obey the above rule, no one will come after you.( A bit like taping Top of the Pops, or recording TV)

  Forum Editor 16:08 04 Oct 2009

at least technically it is. However, nobody is going to break your door down if you make personal backups of your movies.

You may also want to save legally downloaded TV programmes and films.

  interzone55 16:12 04 Oct 2009

Some DVDs now come with an ready ripped copy for use on computers and portable media players.

I'm not sure what kind of DRM is used, so I don't know if you can copy it across multiple devices.

Here's an example
click here

  DieSse 16:28 04 Oct 2009

A précis of what is and isn't allowed by UK law.

click here

I can't of course vouch for it's accuracy.

  wolfie3000 18:12 04 Oct 2009

I don't see a problem with the advert, as many people make home movies and will be wanting to store them on there pc for editing.

Its like saying Sony vegas encourages video piracy as it edits movies.

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