Are the councils wasting our money?

  gengiscant 12:22 13 Feb 2011

The Sunday Times included these rather weird but well paid jobs from councils throughout the land.

Corporate leads office, lesbians' issues . (Manchester) £30,598.
Ensuring all council employees can fulfil their potential regardless of sexual orientation.

Get into football officer. (Derby) £22,221-£23,708.
A clear understanding of the motivations and lifestyles of players and potential players.

Smoking cessation project officer. (Waltham Forest) £22-£24 an hour.
You must have previous smoke free experience.

Nuclear free local authorities secretariat policy and research officer. (Manchester)£20,000 pro rata.
Identifying nuclear hazards.

Breastfeeding peer support co-ordinator.(North East Lincolnshire) Part time £20,000 pro rata.
Looking for a proactive individual to develop co-ordinate and manage the breastfeeding peer support service.

Anyone come across any other strange and well paid council positions? and how come I never see this type of vacancy advertised in my local Job centre?

  sunnystaines 12:33 13 Feb 2011

hope my council does not waste money on non jobs for the boys.

its a pity elected counsellors do not have the power to block councils wasting rate payers money on such a grand scale.

  Quickbeam 12:41 13 Feb 2011

Leeds council are going for the Asda price option click here

  peter99co 12:49 13 Feb 2011

Are the councils wasting our money?

They have always wasted our money. Whats new?

It is what councils do best!

  spuds 12:51 13 Feb 2011

In answer to the thread title, its a definite Yes.

I have many 'run-ins' with our local council regarding 'wasting public money' on various projects and exercises. And my views remain the same. If the people spending 'our' money were to have it deducted from their wages, they might well have different opinions.

Last year our local council came up with a very grand title for someone to teach people Caribbean cooking and exotic fruits, at possible outside events. The going rate for the job was £23.000+. When I queried what all this was in aid off, the council came out with some breath taking mumbo jumbo of the importance of this position. Other people also queried the job, and that included people from the Caribbean community. Needless to say, the job as now been shelved due to the coalition governments funding restrictions?.

I suppose you have to blame someone, on a bad and worthless decision, after a committee meeting?.

  spuds 12:59 13 Feb 2011

I note from Quickbeam's link that Leeds will be shedding 1500 council jobs. Virtually all council's throughout the land are conducting the same large scale culls.

Does this mean that the council's have been overstaffed for far many years, or have they become more cost saving efficient with progress?.

  STREETWORK 13:20 13 Feb 2011

"Are the council over staffed"

Shelving jobs or reducing staffing does not infer over staffing at all. I have a friend who works for the council and he has about 3 times as much work to do as he did 2 years ago due to job losses. Often he works more hours to fit it in. With all these cuts, efficency savings and dumping jobs those who remain will have to do more and more to keep it all running as we expect.

I wait until the pot boils over and the councils payout for stress issues...

  spuds 13:42 13 Feb 2011

You are probably correct regarding some council jobs, but at the same time, there are a number of council employees who have been on the gravy train far to long.

A few years ago, our local council spent over £2million on a non-working computer system, and that led to all types of problems, both for the council workers and perhaps more so for the general public and local commerce. In the main it was the handling of complaints and providing of services, with the usual, its the computers fault, being the excuse of all and sundry, and perhaps more so for those less willing to help as a public servant?.

We have had an increased number of union backed demonstrations, but in the main it would appear that the public have been unsympathetic to the council workers plight, and perhaps regard that everyones in the same boat, and there can no longer be special cases?.

  peter99co 14:43 13 Feb 2011

We have a nearby council that refuses to waste money they say by NOT reporting spends over £500. They say it would cost money to set up staff to deal with all the queries they would get.

In the meantime they can carry on spending without telling us what they spend money on.

They do spend money answering questions about Freedom of Information matters but that is not the same they say.

  STREETWORK 14:52 13 Feb 2011

I would agree that there are many council jobs which are meaningless to the tax payers as a whole. I have seen many with some weird job titles.

Our local council spend thousands on an air monitoring station at a congested traffic site. I could have told them using me sniffer that there is a pollution problem there. The result was that there is no solution, this is money well spent then...

  oresome 17:18 13 Feb 2011

Councils undertake a myriad of different tasks for the community. There's sure to be efficiencies to made in such organisations, but not at the rate that the finances are being cut without affecting services.

There's no doubt that some of the job titles raise eyebrows and it's unlikely you'll see them outside of the public sector. But I presume some of these jobs are created in response to legislation and the desire by the public sector to be model employers.

Perhaps we should cut down on the legislation?

The public sector doesn't create wealth of course, rather it restricts the wealth creators by imposing taxes and making them less competetive. It's this balance that's out of kilter at the moment.

Whether those made jobless by the public sector can be re-employed in wealth creating jobs remains to be seen. I can't see it happening anytime soon.

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