Are Chinese Electrical Goods Becoming A Joke?

  Big L 266 09:26 08 Aug 2010


In the past year or two I've had two DAB/wifi radios from a prominent seller in the market.The first expensive one scanned for stations and only found BBC Radio 4.Within 10 minutes of having it,I had packed it up and sent it back for a full refund.My second expensive one worked for two weeks before the screen on it packed up.I could hear it,but couldn't see it.This also went back for a full refund.

Recently,I bought a small portable wifi radio.This too has now packed up as the battery has failed and won't charge either through the computer or from the charger.This is a niche radio and I am hopeful it can be easily repaired in the UK.I could understand them not working if I was a ham-fisted clumsy idiot but I'm not!

The connection between all three is that all of these dab/wifi radios and their chargers were from China.I can only draw conclusions that electronic goods from China are full of shoddy workmanship using cheap low-quality parts and assembled quickly and clearly never checked for quality before being sent to the long-suffering UK public to buy.

I have decided from now on that when I buy anything electrical I'll ask the seller which country my proposed purchase was made in.If its Chinese then I'll pass on the purchase and look for one made elsewhere. I'm sick to death of buying costly Chinese electrical items only to have to return them to the seller for a refund.

Is it me,or are Chinese goods becoming a joke nowadays?

Big L 266

  Forum Editor 09:44 08 Aug 2010

and look for one made elsewhere."

Therein lies the rub, as they say.

Walk around any electrical store and you'll have an increasingly difficult job finding an item that wasn't made in Mainland China, or isn't assembled using components made there. China is becoming a world power in consumer electronics, and I think that within ten years it will be 'the' world power.

In general terms the quality of Chinese-manufactured electronic products is rising fast, and I think you may just have been extremely unlucky.

  sunnystaines 09:51 08 Aug 2010

a large % of good made in china are poor quality, but thats is where the worlds factories are.

if possible we look for goods made in germany,UK,USA.

  Big L 266 10:06 08 Aug 2010


FE...Indeed it will become hard work finding something of quality not made in China. But sunnystaines is right in that I will make the effort to buy from within the UK,Germany or the USA where quality seems to be better than quantity.It may take longer to settle on a purchase, but it'll be worth it to have something that lasts for more than a few weeks.

The problem nonetheless now still remains. I can't get BBC Radio Lincolnshire on any standard AM?FM radio,nor the wifi-based BBC World Service and LBC in London unless I'm online and on the computer.My hand-held portable wifi solved so many problems in one go.

I'm clearly not destined for wifi.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 10:18 08 Aug 2010


Fourm member....My small hand-held portable wifi/fm radio is not much bigger or heavier than a mobile phone. It wasn't cheap at £75 and £15 for the additional adapter.I would have expected it to work for more than two weeks.

The other two wifi/dab radios - both made by well-known makers - cost over £140 per radio both of which went back because they were faulty. The only thing they had in common was they were all made in China.

As for 'acceptable level for failure for consumer products' all I can say is THIS consumer has had a 100% percent failure on his wifi/dab purchases except an old ancient Intempo dab radio which only works on the kitchen windowsill - and that's Chinese as well!

Big L 266

  carver 10:25 08 Aug 2010

Why not try and buy a Bang & Olufsen product, very expensive, nice quality and so upmarket, one problem a lot of their products are also made in China.

It dosn't matter who you buy from, most of their goods will have the sticker saying product of China some where on it.

  Forum Editor 10:32 08 Aug 2010

What you might not realise is that a large proportion of consumer electronics products that are 'made' in Europe and America are actually only part assembled there - the electronics are manufactured in mainland China and South-East Asia.

Take laptops for example - over 80% of all the laptops on sale in the world are made in and around one Chinese city - Shanghai. The companies concerned may be based in Taiwan, but that's because they used to manufacture there; they've moved production into Mainland China. A relatively small number of companies (called ODMs) design and manufacture new models, and the big brand names select those which will be included in their ranges. These are then shipped into Europe and America and branded with the badges and names we all recognise.

  sunnystaines 10:56 08 Aug 2010

I know your right on that last point, I known a well known brand that has a made in america label but the item of footware was made in a 3rd world location then shipped to the usa for this label to be added they can then claim made in america.

do not mind paying a little extra to avoid Chinese poor quality but often it cannot be avoided.

  sunnystaines 10:58 08 Aug 2010

few decades ago most electrics were built in japan but they managed good quality.

  spuds 11:57 08 Aug 2010

Years ago it was anything with Hong Kong that people were very aware about, but over the past decade or so, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines and most countries in that region have become the key manufacturers for virtually all electrical and electronic goods, and most carry a very well known name.

When some assembler in the USA, parts of Europe or UK want ten or twenty times as much for an hourly rate, then there will be no competition to the workers who get far less than a £1.00 an hour, with much longer working days.

But I still regard some manufacturer's rely on their name, that on the product the distribute. In a nutshell, some things can be a complete bargain or a rip-off.

  spuds 12:00 08 Aug 2010

correction: 'than on the product they distribute'

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