Are bank Holidays hard work?

  Quickbeam 13:29 05 May 2008

I worked 'til 3:30 am, up at 8:00 'cause the dog wanted a walk, cut the front an' back grass, weeded the back (couldn't do that on naked gardenin' day in case there was a local cycle rally;)...) , jus' opened a bottle o' beer.

Man, I'm doin' nuthin' else now... jus' listenin' to gentle trickle o' the mountain stream an' watchin' the goldfish swimmin'... nuthin', I said nuthin' else!

  Bingalau 13:31 05 May 2008

Just wait until your wife gets back and then try telling her that!

  Quickbeam 13:42 05 May 2008

when I'm in nuthin' mode the world can end un-noticed...

  Quickbeam 13:46 05 May 2008

I call my water feature the 'Glen of Tranquility' because the clink of ice in the Glenmorangie with the soothing trickle of falling water take me to a remote mountainside... in the back garden!

  Al94 13:55 05 May 2008

just in for a break, cars washed, windows washed, grass cut - some holiday!

  Brumas 14:24 05 May 2008

"soothing trickle of falling water take me to a remote mountainside... in the back garden!"

I am getting the same effect, however I am re-reading Whisky Galore (I am not a drinker of spirits),supping a glass of Adnam's Broadside strong ale and lstening to the noise of the burn at the back of my garden competing with pond noises - it's a tough life ;o)

  BT 16:50 05 May 2008

"the clink of ice in the Glenmorangie "

As an "Honorary Scotsman" I should say that Whisky should ONLY be diluted with a little water (or more Whisky). This was taught to me by a REAL Scotsman.

  Forum Editor 17:47 05 May 2008

but you need to lay down some ground rules - the proper mixture of chores and pleasure.

It was my birthday recently, and part of my present from the children was a day out at Newmarket races. We went yesterday, and altogether there were four carloads of us - picnic on the grass, plus racing (I lost, my wife won).

That was the pleasure part. The chore was driving one of the cars there and back on the M25 and M11, followed by mowing the lawns today, and working in the forum (that's always a pleasure, of course).

Tonight there's 'Waking the dead' to round off a pretty good bank-holiday weekend.

  MrCutter 17:53 05 May 2008

Worked over weekend on paperwork i could not finish during last week.
Could have cut down on other tasks to do it but prefer to be "hands-on" at work.
All done & now chilling out with a beer or 2.
May even light the BBQ shortly.
Will watch 2nd part of Flood tonight.

Got a clinic at 0900 tomorrow though.

  Quickbeam 18:06 05 May 2008

It's part of the experience to hear the ice crack as it hits the warm whisky, it must of course be in a crystal glass, over the next few minutes as you caress the glass and savour the contents in your mind it warms up and releases the all important aroma as the ice (a little water) melts, you then enjoy... Cheers.

  Forum Editor 18:16 05 May 2008

would never add ice to a fine whisky, only water, and even that should be at the same temperature as the spirit.

But then purists can be a tad irritating, can't they?

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