April Fuels Day

  Grey Goo 09:27 19 Mar 2009
  Mr Mistoffelees 09:41 19 Mar 2009

Two pence is not much. Drive just a little slower, or walk short journeys, and you will save much more.

  user8 09:44 19 Mar 2009

How do you think Gordon Brown is going to pay all those new unemployed people?

  newman35 09:47 19 Mar 2009

How long before we hear from the hauliers and farmers?
Every government since petrol was found to be needed have been using it to raise money, not just this one.

  user8 10:10 19 Mar 2009

Tax will go up, but in these days of a growing recession thought that the government may decide not to put fuel duty up, but then do this current government really care about the people it serves, as they are very unlikely to get back into power after the next general election & Mr Brown now must realise that!

  newman35 10:21 19 Mar 2009

Trouble is taxation is needed from somewhere and if fuel doesn't 'get it' then something else must, income tax etc.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:30 19 Mar 2009

should spend (and waste!!!!!) less money instead of raising more taxes. They want to put more money into the economy because we aren't spending as much. Well we are spending just as much as we used to before, only now its going into the governments coffers instead.

Road transport is the governments goose that lays the golden eggs. But they are going to squeeze it so tightly that eventually it will suffer the same fate as the original goose did.


  Grey Goo 10:37 19 Mar 2009

Well thanks for the advice, already walk when possible and I haver a Freedom Pass. When I feel that my bones need rearranging I use the bus.

  newman35 12:52 19 Mar 2009

Surely you're not saying that fuel price increases will eventually mean that haulage will stop?
Hauliers simply pass on the increase in fuel to customers (and rightly so, they are not charities) and we all pay the tax bill.

Government spending in a recession is necessary, to protect the vulnerable, say Labour. Cut (or at least don't increase public spending) seems to be the Tory way. We, as voters, must decide eventually - but it will be a while until we know which was the 'best' way.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:22 19 Mar 2009

The more you put fuel prices up, the more uk hauliers cannot compete with foreign hauliers who do not have the same operating costs as we do. Never noticed how many more foreign trucks there are on our roads these last 10 years or so? If you have, take a close look at just how large the fuel tanks are on them. And you are only looking at one side of the chassis. Do you seriously think they are filling those swimming pool sized tanks in this country at uk pump prices? No. They are filling them in europe before they catch the ferry with rebated fuel. And the taxes on the profits they make dont go to our government. Neither do the road tax payments that they dont make either.

No, road transport wont cease. But it will get more expensive. Heck, it already *is* more expensive. Inevitably the price rises will filter down to the general public eventually, which will mean price rises, inflation and all that goes with it.

In the long run, if you put fuel up, you put everything up. It really is that simple. And we all end up paying for it in the end.


  Grey Goo 14:38 19 Mar 2009

I think the best way is to put Socialist Dogma on the back burner and try to spend the money without wasting it.

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