Appealing parking fines

  interzone55 17:23 04 Aug 2009

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successfully appealed against 3 parking fines in a week because there was no warning notice.

"On each occasion, she had parked briefly on double yellow lines outside the off-licence she runs in New Brighton."

Sorry, but you don't need a warning sign for double yellows, they are the warning notice...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:28 04 Aug 2009

'It ruled the charges were invalid because there were no signs in the area saying motorists could be photographed.'... triple meh! If you wish to prosecute people by using the law, you have to abide by the law as set out in statutes.


  WhiteTruckMan 17:38 04 Aug 2009

this woman thought double yellow lines actually mean then?


  spuds 19:08 04 Aug 2009

Our local council have recently seen a number of appeals, due to faulty lines that have been laid, and which are not within the legal requirements as per law. Quite a number of re-adjustments are now required in certain areas. But of course the council are defending their actions against the ever moaning public!.

  interzone55 20:43 04 Aug 2009

"I may be reading more into the article than I should but it sounds as though she was loading or unloading. Perhaps she'd been to the cash n carry."

It matters not where she'd been, double yellows mean no stopping, whether you're parked,unloading or loading - they're there for a reason, because stopping there causes an obstruction.

It makes me sick that people who've knowingly illegally parked come up with excuses, "oh the lines weren't terminated correctly", "they weren't the regulation thickness", "they're a bit wobbly". All these excuses have been used by weasely shysters to get clients off. No wonder councils don't get any proper work done, they're too busy fighting selfish idiots in court...

  csqwared 21:31 04 Aug 2009

I don't think your'e right in the interpretation of the lines. As far as I am aware you are allowed 20mins loading/unloading on double yellow lines unless they are qualified by kerb markings. Usually one kerb mark signifies an exclusion time, normally posted on plates adjacent and usually at peak times. Two kerb marks means no loading/unloading at any time.

  namtas 21:36 04 Aug 2009

The lady in questions was on GMT earlier today, she is adamant that she was unloading her car outside the business premises which she owns, she reports that she has done this on dozens of occasions in the past without a problem.
I understand that their are no loading restrictions signs displayed in the area. If that is so then legally she is perfectly entitled to do as she was doing. I think that someone made a big mistake in this case.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:03 04 Aug 2009

can you clarify your post please? Do you mean

no 'loading restrictions'


'no loading' restrictions?


  Stuartli 22:43 04 Aug 2009

The reason for the return of the parking fines is simple.

The lady involved is a Wirral shop owner and can legally park for a short period to load or unload goods for her shop.

However, the difference in this case was that the local council has introduced a Smart car with a periscope type video camera unit that records unlawful parking (similar to the Google Street View vehicles).

The parking tickets were overturned because the council or the company operating the vehicle on its behalf, had failed to erect suitable warning signs that the system was in operation.

You can read about the subject, which has been featured all day on North West TV new programmes, at:

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  namtas 23:00 04 Aug 2009

The point is that this women was not unlawful parking according to her.

Even if the company operating the vehicle on its behalf, had erected suitable warning signs the lady was within her rights and should not have been fined. Since when has a camera warning sign changed the status of offloading permissions in restricted areas

  namtas 23:16 04 Aug 2009


I understood that there were no loading restrictions in force. Therefore she is able to park as long as she needs before 11 am to load or unload and for a maximun of 20 minutes after 11 am

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