Apologies to British Growers

  morddwyd 11:25 20 Jul 2011

Out shopping yesterday and saw some nice fresh broad beans.

Lovely, new season's beans, straight from the pod, bit of butter, we'll have some of that.

Got home, putting beans into veg rack and idly glance at label to see if they came from Worcester or Lincoln, powerhouses of British summer veg.

"Country of Origin China"!

China? China? In the twenty mile drive home I must have driven past half a dozen fields of broad beans, and I don't live in a strong veg growing area (OK, so they're probably a catch crop to fix some nitrogen prior to brassicas next year, but they will still crop).

Why on earth are we, in high summer, importing non-exotic veg from China?

  Covergirl 12:46 20 Jul 2011

Yes, they will be cheaper from China. God knows how - if I wanted to post 454 grammes of beans to China it would cost a fortune!

Supermarkets are here to deliver a profit and not benefit the producer or customer. The price they charge is the best price they can get. I can go into one cut price "bargain" shop and buy 4 tins of tuna for 2.39 but the same goods are 3 tins for 3.00 in the local high street supermarket, and that's on (supposedly) "special offer". So where do they get their prices from and how much do they actually pay? Probably much less than the 2.39 the other shop can sell it for.

That is true for any product not just food. They beat the manufacturer down into producing the same goods for less and less money, yet end up charging more to make more profit.

The manufacturer then has to produce the same goods, but for less money - how does he do this? He cuts corners by using inferior raw materials or cheap imported components from China (LoL).

That is why we end up with crap low quality goods in our houses. The toaster that lasts 6 months; the cup made out of cheap porous pot; the car that rusts in 12 months etc etc.

  Aitchbee 13:23 20 Jul 2011

Ayrshire potatoes are on sale in a Glasgow shop at 90p a lb. Egyptian potatoes are on sale in a Glasgow shop at 40p a lb.

Both are very nice potatoes...but did you notice price difference? We can't beat foreign opposition.

  Bingalau 13:51 20 Jul 2011

Yes you can, buy the Ayrshire potatoes!

  interzone55 15:08 20 Jul 2011

Cash is king

Yes, it's nice to support local growers / manufacturers, but my wage only goes so far.

One week last year I decided to source all my food shopping for stores within walking distance of my house - the bill came to £45 or so

The next week I decided to use the farmers market in the town centre, I spent well over £60 and still had to top up at the supermarket

The week after I went back to Asda, the bill was a little over £30, which even factoring in the 4 miles of diesel each was is a huge saving.

  morddwyd 15:40 20 Jul 2011

"We can't beat foreign opposition."

Yes we can.

You simply put a tariff on foreign goods (outside the EU of course), unless you have reciprocal trade agreement, which we don't have with China.

Most every country in the world puts Customs levies on foreign goods which can be produced at home.

  Aitchbee 16:23 20 Jul 2011

Morddwyd "We can't beat foreign opposition."

...as far as picking and gathering and packaging goes ...this is a fact. The minimum wage attracts only Eastern European labour mostly.

  BT 16:25 20 Jul 2011

Tesco are selling Asparagus from PERU at the same price they were selling the British from Lincolnshire a few weeks ago.

  Aitchbee 16:52 20 Jul 2011

...and I love the British climate, but it is not conducive (spelling is ok) to growing most commercial crops on a large and sustainable scale. We cannot compete.Forget about global warming in the meantime. It's wet and windy and cool at the moment here in Glasgow...I love it.

  morddwyd 19:50 20 Jul 2011

"it is not conducive (spelling is ok) to growing most commercial crops on a large and sustainable scale"

Depends on your definition of commercial crops.

We seem to manage, in season, potatoes, broad beans, carrots, parsnips, peas, leeks, onions, runner beans, swede, turnip, sprouts, cauliflower, several sub-species of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, vast amounts of fruit, marrow, cucumber, to name just a few off the top of my head.

  Aitchbee 22:13 20 Jul 2011

ok morrdwyd I agree with you on the vegetables we can grow - but other countries grow these vegetables too. They import them to us and we, the consumer buy them cheaper than the homegrown.It's a question of what's the cheapest.I totally agree with your viewpoint.. but I buy what's cheapest.

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