Anyone watching virgin cable TV?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:50 17 May 2008

we've had bbc1 on for a while and Mrs WTM swears that the sound is out of synch with the picture. I could understand it with a pre-recorded show like doctor who, but it also seems out on a live program like the lottery show on now.

Anyone else seeing this?


  lisa02 20:52 17 May 2008

Watching 1v100 now and it seems fine.

  BT 08:33 18 May 2008

This does happen occasionally. The trick is to switch to another channel then switch back. this usually cures the problem. I feel it happens in your box and is not broadcast like it. Get them to check your box if it happens too often. We used to see it quite a lot on the Pace box that we had but since they changed it for a Samsung I can't say I've noticed it.

"And don't be surprised that it happens on a live programme because there is no such thing."

This is sort of true, there is about a 2-3 second delay between 'off air' reception and what you see on cable, presumably caused by the processing necessary to rebroadcast the signal down the cable.

  DANZIG 09:26 18 May 2008

I've got Virgin media as well, and yes, this problem has occurred very occasionally in the past.

As has been mentioned, I just switch channels and after a while it sorts itself out.

  belfman 09:28 18 May 2008

Don't forget sound travels slower than light. Can anyone work out the time difference from sitting 5 feet away from the source?

  newman35 10:18 18 May 2008

Teacher:- "Which travels faster, sound or light?"
Pupil:- "Sound, because when I switch the TV on I hear it before the picture arrives."


  Forum Editor 10:31 18 May 2008

when watching SKY satellite programs - the synch is slightly off, but not enough to be a problem. The trick is to pretend not to notice it; once you do it starts to become more obvious.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:15 18 May 2008

a slight bit out most of the time anyhow, but not enough to really notice unless you were looking for it. But last night was so bad (for us) that it was like watching a foreign language program that had been dubbed into english.

I'd thought about re-booting the set top box, but didnt want to miss the few minutes of the program that would have entailed, not to mention the endless complaints from the family. Didnt think about changing the channels. Mus remember that when its an issue, even though its something I do when theres an occasional channel loss. Just didnt think of it this time (doh!).

Going to tick this now, as I dont think I can go anywhere else with it though.

Thanks all.


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