Anyone watching the cricket

  Legolas 17:28 16 Mar 2007

I am one of a rare breed, a Scotsman who likes cricket and perhaps even more rare I always support England at cricket (except if they are playing Scotland of course) I also must be a masochist because I am not content with the torture of watching he Scottish football team but I also torture myself by watching the English cricket team and today so far watching Englands innings has been torture infact it is so bad I have just turned the telly to watch the weakest link, come to think of it I have turned from the weakest link to the weakest link ;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:31 16 Mar 2007

What would one expect when we have a country where children in primary schools are told to not be competitive. The teachers want publically flaying.


  georgemac © 17:34 16 Mar 2007

Alas, I am a Scotsman who dislikes cricket, apart from 1 day matches which can actually be very enjoyable.

Gandalf, you are quite correct about competivness.

  Legolas 17:36 16 Mar 2007

Good point GANDALF <|:-)> we can't have any competitiveness that would mean winners and losers and losing would scar our children for life.

  Legolas 18:24 16 Mar 2007

9 for 2 now

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:25 16 Mar 2007

'losing would scar our children for life'...never mind the children, our shambolic and lack lustre national teams have scarred me for life. How can the UK be pouring £10billion+ into 4 weeks of competitive games and also telling children that competitiveness is baaaaad.
Whichever gormless group of teachers or social workers came up with this ridiculous notion should be sent to the Colonies.


  Legolas 18:31 16 Mar 2007

19 for 3

  Sapins 18:43 16 Mar 2007

The teachers are not responsible for the policy.

  Bingalau 18:51 16 Mar 2007

fourm member. I was just going to say the same thing.

  Forum Editor 19:05 16 Mar 2007

Me + cricket = dictionary definition of person bored out of mind.

Mind you, I like it when we win something. We do win something occasionally I suppose, just to keep our spirits from flagging?

  Legolas 19:12 16 Mar 2007

66 for 3 we need another wicket fast

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