anyone seen a UFO that was not

  sunnystaines 13:32 16 Jun 2012

on the beach a few days ago saw a silver ball over a mountain peak like a ball of mercury in the sky many people stood up and took pictures, then the ball divided into two equal sized balls loads of people now watching the balls developed fins, then as it got nearer all was revealed it was a large jet heading straight in our directed with two main beam headlights on in the glare of bright sunshine. An anticlimax all round.

anyone else had similar saga.

  spuds 13:50 16 Jun 2012

Living in the flight path's of three 'international' airports, we see many strange lights and formations heading our way in the wee dark hours. Doesn't raise the slightest suspicion though!.

When the Chinese Lantern's seemed to be a craze, they seemed to bring a number of reports to the authorities of possible alien or disasters pending. Don't seem to hear about that much nowadays!.

  bremner 15:25 16 Jun 2012

I have never seen a UFO that was not a UFO - all the ones I have seen have been real flying saucers piloted by little green men, who have teleported me up to their space ship and conducted medical experiments on me.

  bremner 15:26 16 Jun 2012


Shouldn't you have changed you forum name to sunnystaines-upon-Thames by now!

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:41 16 Jun 2012

The last time I was in a spaceship the owner looked human-like but, had two heads. Said his name was Zaphod.

  sunnystaines 15:45 16 Jun 2012


no one wanted the name change except the council.

  carver 15:47 16 Jun 2012

bremnar so sorry to hear about your past experiences, now we understand your problems.

Taking brain samples tends to have an impact over any length of time and in future I will be more understanding.

  bremner 16:28 16 Jun 2012


Your patience and understanding will be greatfully received, although come the invasion those who have given me stick will be first in line for for "reconditioning".

  Nontek 16:58 16 Jun 2012

Could">">Could be?

Then aqain, could just be a Cloud formation over Merseyside!! Though something small blobby and transparent was seen falling from it.

  Nontek 17:01 16 Jun 2012

Hmm,">">Hmm, link did not work?

If this does not work this time, can anyone please give me a link to a Image Hosting site that does work in Firefox. TIA.

  Nontek 17:02 16 Jun 2012

Little green men must want to keep it secret!! Sorry.

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