Anyone see the new series of Sherlock?

  SatiricAnalytic 16:25 16 Aug 2010

Just wondering whether anyone saw it?
What did people think of it?

I thought it was brilliant. Great casting in Cumberbatch and Freeman!
Loved it!

  ella33 16:36 16 Aug 2010

Which side and when please? I love the old series but have been away and haven't bothered with TV. It sounds as if this could make it worth switching on!

  BT 16:47 16 Aug 2010

I thought it was very good. Pity it was only 3 episodes although there are rumours of another here

It was on BBC1 on Sundays at 9pm but has now finished - only 3 shows.

click here

  Woolwell 16:59 16 Aug 2010

Thought it was good but odd ending to the third programme - perhaps a starting point for the next one?

  Bingalau 18:01 16 Aug 2010

You might still be able to get it on the BBC catchup program. Lots of people have said they liked it and I haven't heard anybody say otherwise. I missed it myself, but if it was popular you can bet your boots they will give it another airing soon.

  SatiricAnalytic 18:55 16 Aug 2010

Nah, it went off iPlayer yesterday at 10.59pm.

It's true, that 'Roger and Val Just Got In' thing is dire.

Repeats of Sherlock please!

  Colin 19:29 16 Aug 2010

I thought the first episode was very good, the second poor, but the third picked up a bit. I hope they make more.
As for “Roger and Val…” I tried to watch the first episode but gave up after 5 minutes. Dawn French just looks ridiculous.
BBC has just started to repeat the first series of Mad Men – now that’s great television, in my opinion!

  jack 20:07 16 Aug 2010

It is was full of action and breath taking secnes and dialogue.
But oh often its the aftermath when I sit and try to make sense of certain aspects- that it unravels and I think what a load of tosh - another wasted hour -
But that is entertainment.
I shall no doubt be doing the same tonight watching NCIS

  Sapins 22:02 16 Aug 2010

I thought it was the biggest load of rubbish I have seen for a long time.

  DANZIG 22:41 16 Aug 2010

I thought it was fantastic!

  Forum Editor 22:45 16 Aug 2010

and there will be more. I believe there's some discussion about how many episodes, and I assume it will go into production once that's been sorted out.

It was quality TV, and I gather it got a very positive audience reaction. It needs a little polishing, but that will happen in the next series.

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