Anyone own up to being a civil Servant?

  onthelimit1 11:46 19 May 2012
  birdface 12:07 19 May 2012

An extra 36 days holiday a year sounds quite good if true.

  interzone55 12:21 19 May 2012

I doubt this is completely true, but even so Civil Servants would get a massive shock if they had to work in the private sector.

  Bingalau 12:34 19 May 2012

My first passport, issued by the MOD whilst serving, stated that I was a civil servant. So I guess I was.

  Quickbeam 12:56 19 May 2012

'Civil Servants would get a massive shock if they had to work in the private sector.'

There is no would about it.

A friend of mine was made redundant from a government H&S post and is struggling to come to terms with how many unquestioned sick days he can't have for a golfing day!

  Quickbeam 12:57 19 May 2012

...and for the record, he is renowned for his lack of common sense:)

  spuds 13:18 19 May 2012

Reading the article, its about time the public sector was brought into the 21st century of private sector and all the lesser entitlements of that. After all, we seem to be constantly told the "we are all in this together". Which might suggest that we are all equal?.

But going back to the title, I suppose you could say that one part of my life I could have been a public servant, not sure about the civil bit though!.

  proudfoot 14:34 19 May 2012

I was a civil servant who retired 21 years ago. This is not a new situation. My job was as a maintenance manager at various military establishments and regularly worked overtime unpaid to deal with ongoing problems that had not been finished. The time was logged and leave granted. I was also "On Call" out of normal working hours, receiving overtime payments and a mileage allowance for transport. I can't speak for the paper pushers in the service but, the technical branch were dedicated and took a pride in their work. I personally was very sad at the time, being made redundant due to a "Privatisation" of the department I worked for, also being over 50 years of age I took my pension.

  namtas 15:48 19 May 2012

"I doubt this is completely true, but even so Civil Servants would get a massive shock if they had to work in the private sector"

Really, I would ask what qualification has writer to make such a sweeping generalisation

I worked in the Civil Service for 37 years , and it was not just as one discipline but as two as a Mechanical and Electrical engineer. For the last 20 odd years I worked rotating shift the weekends were 12 hours on and 12 hours off and we regularly did 84 hour weeks to cover for staff on holidays. This was not a cosy desk job but involved work outside in all weathers. I believe that it was one of the most responsible jobs in the UK. So I suggest don't believe all you read, and there are two side to every story

  rickf 16:12 19 May 2012

Please! There seems to a be trend to blame people working for the civil service for all manner of ills. All so high and mighty about it.

  Condom 17:40 19 May 2012

I worked in many Government departments during my long career some of which were classed as pure Civil Service, some not. I started in the NHS, then moved to New Scotland Yard, and then on to The National Savings Bank before returning to the NHS again where I finished my career. During this time I also spent years in the TAVR in the Parachute regiment and elsewhere. I think I did my fair bit for "Queen & Country"

Latterly my contract required me to work the number of hours required to fulfill my duties and that basically meant I was on call 24/7 without any overtime or enhanced payments. Job security was a thing of the past as all contracts were short term and you could basically lose your job at a months notice. When my contract was not renewed when a new Chairman arrived I opted for early retirement rather than move my family once more to another bit of the UK as I liked it where I was. Best move I ever made as I subsequently witnessed unqualified people taking on work they were unprepared for and basically making a pigs ear of it. I was forever being invited back to do Consultancy work to sort out messes or being offered short term contacts to run a hospital after the previous incumbant had left under a cloud but this wears you out after a while so I now prefer to travel the world and leave them to it.

Newspapers don't just tell news these days they like headlines to sell newspapers so read everything with the preverbial pinch of salt.

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