Anyone here from Durham?

  MrNerdy 20:21 09 Jun 2007

I went for a job interview the other day, never thought i would get the job & i have.
It's in Durham, i have somewhere to live, but what is Durham like.
The good, the bad & the places to avoid would be useful.

  Jackcoms 20:25 09 Jun 2007
  Fred the flour grader 20:33 09 Jun 2007

Congratulations on the job,

I live in Newcastle, and we visit Durham a fair bit. It's a really nice place in my experience, I hope you enjoy it there.


  Bingalau 20:56 09 Jun 2007

MrNerdy. Congratulations! and I for one hope you are successful in the job.

  anskyber 21:02 09 Jun 2007

Do you mean Durham the City, or Durham the County?

  dwaynedibbly 22:10 09 Jun 2007

Congratulations on the new job.

I`m from Newcastle originally, my wife is from the County of Durham. Not far from Mr Blairs constituency in fact.
Its a lovely part of the country. Full of history, beautiful countryside and good people.
Property is relatively cheap on the outskirts of Durham. And the general cost of living is pretty good.

Just out of interest, where are you saying goodbye to?

  Forum Editor 23:17 09 Jun 2007

it's a great place, and has one of the most beautiful cathedrals you'll see.

  Sapins 15:17 10 Jun 2007

I'm from Hartlepool which used to be in County Durham until it was made a borough council.

Never mind, as FE says, the cathedral is really magnificent as is the castle and there are stunning walks along the river Wear.

By the way Durham city was the first in Britain and I think Europe, to have closed circuit cameras for traffic control, when you visit you will see why. Explore the county, it has such variety it will take you ages, have a trip to Hartlepool, on the seaside and very forward looking, it has a new marina, the Historic Quay is worth a visit, which by the way, was where the Warrior, click here was restored, they had to get us to do it as no one else has the necessary expertise:-), now those from the bottom of the country have the privilege of seeing what those from the top of the country can still do;-), there are good restaurants and pubs to refresh yourself. Far too much to tell you here, but then half the fun is finding out for yourself. You must visit Beamish living museum though.

You will find the people the most friendly anywhere and you will be made welcome I guarantee.

  Bob The Nob© 20:57 10 Jun 2007

I live in Derwentside, In Co. Durham. Its 30 mnis bus journey into the city (or 20mins by car).

Where abouts is the job? The city? or around the county?

If you've got the money there are lots of nice places to live within distance of the city that have beautiful surroundings.

There is currently a surge in opencast mining in the countryside area which isn't nice and is bringing the areas down.

Good days out include Beamish which is expensive but fun for all ages. If you like shopping, there is Durham City which isn't great for shopping but quiet and peaceful, there is europe's biggest shopping centre, the Metro Centre its horrible if you done like crowds. Newcastle is the best for shopping and its very large with its little unique shops in little ally ways.

The public transport varies, the Metro train is good but it should really extend to places like durham, it goes around newcastle, Gateshead and sunderland (it doesnt travel to the metro centre!) The bus prices are stupidly high, you cn get the train from Newcastle to Durham for about £5 which takes 10mintes instead of the hour on the bus.

Durham its self it quiet and peaceful, even at 1 o'Clock a night when the clubs are open, it isn't really noisy and aggressive.

Enjoy your new jobs!

Can I ask, where is this new job at, which company etc?


  De Marcus™ 22:56 10 Jun 2007

Durham Cathedral is quite spectacular, but then so is each of it's surrounding cities and towns, you won't go wrong with a geordie workforce behind you, just make sure you pull your weight and are worth the salary being paid.

  De Marcus™ 22:58 10 Jun 2007

Sorry I forgot to say I was brought up and raised around 15 miles away.

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