Anyone help withthe name of a movie?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:28 06 Jan 2008

I've been trying to remember a movie I saw a while back. It was one of those made for tv things, and was supposed to have been based on a true story. The premice was that a north american airline had a new aircraft (an early airbus?) from europe and the ground crew misread the specs for fuelling it and instead of putting x many kilos of fuel, they refilled it with the ssame number of punds of fuel instead. Result was that they ran out in an inconvenient place-like up in the air somewhere- and had to glide to a runway in the midle of nowhere, a feat only achieved because the captain was a glider pilot for a hobby.

Anyone know the movie I'm talking about?


  Kemistri 20:37 06 Jan 2008

I don't know the name of the film, but I remember seeing a documentary about the incident (in that Channel 5 series about air crashes), so it is a true story.
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  Stuartli 20:56 06 Jan 2008

The series was also shown on National Geographic (if it's the one involving films reconstructing various aircraft crashes/incidents over the years).

An excellent and well produced series.

  Stuartli 20:59 06 Jan 2008

The film may have been in the Seconds From Disaster series. See:

click here

  MCE2K5 21:06 06 Jan 2008

Air Crash Investigation: Flying On Empty, click here

  Stuartli 21:06 06 Jan 2008

Another possiblity is the Disaster in the Air series. See:

click here

  MCE2K5 21:07 06 Jan 2008

Film, "Mayday"
Flying on Empty (2003), click here

  octal 21:28 06 Jan 2008

Freefall: flight 174 click here

  Kemistri 21:53 06 Jan 2008

That matches the documentary, at least. It mentions Air Canada Flight 143, which sounds right.

  octal 21:59 06 Jan 2008

I remember the film vividly for some reason, especially the start in the flight simulator when both engines fail.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:25 06 Jan 2008

click here

Octal nailed it-thanks , btw.

Another scene from the film I recall is them flying along and wondering what a warning light was for (!) on an overhead console. They were fortunate enough to have an instuctor pilot aboard as a passenger and he was called foreward. He looked at the light and asked them to trim the aircraft nose up. They did and the light went out, to which he said it was like the low fuel light in your car going out when you went round a corner!

Thanks to all who helped me scratch this particular mental itch.


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