Anyone Heard of the PSX

  dumb_haddik 16:51 01 Sep 2007

Today i was browsing around some websites, and i discovered that sony had released a console (in japan) known as the psx.

Models had a 150gb-250gb HDD and include DVD recording capabilities etc.

Most of the websites i have found about this are in japanese click here , and i was wondering if anyone knew when (if ever) this machine is due for UK release.


  WhiteTruckMan 17:21 01 Sep 2007
  dumb_haddik 17:27 01 Sep 2007

Yes that's it.

Thanks for the link, but it says available in europe 2004, i have not heard about it.

Has the project been cancelled?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:31 01 Sep 2007
  WhiteTruckMan 17:39 01 Sep 2007

click here

personally, I think you would have to want one pretty badly, but its your money. Other than that, I have no knowledge at all of them.


  Dizzy Bob 17:59 01 Sep 2007

The PSX was the original PLaystation (the oblong grey one) which was superceded by the PS1 (smaller with rounded corners)

You acn pick up a PSX for about a tenner at game (pre-owned), i have one for tomb raider nostagia moments!


  Dizzy Bob 18:00 01 Sep 2007

Sorry, just reread your post (dont think that was the same one!!!)


  dumb_haddik 16:47 20 Sep 2007

Thanks everyone, but from what i can see, it's never going to be released, and even if i could find one on eBay, i have no idea what games it would play.

Thanks All

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