anyone had an epc check

  mrwoowoo 22:57 31 Mar 2009

Does the engineer enter the loft space or just
peer in with a torch?
Do they test the central heating and how long does the survey take?
I ask because the loft space has no flooring and the central heating engineer is coming to repair the system after the ecp check?
Would it be better to reschedule it until after the boiler is repaired?

  Spark6 23:42 31 Mar 2009

I'm rather confused with your terminology, google 'ecp check' and you'll see what I mean.

Reschedule the EPC check.

  mrwoowoo 00:03 01 Apr 2009

the title should have been EPC survey, which determines the properties energy efficiency

  lotvic 00:46 01 Apr 2009

Not sure how they do it, but make sure all your light bulbs are the energy saving ones as that goes on the list.

This site has information on what to expect click here
Click on the FAQ
""Q Does an actual survey take place at my property
A Yes, an internal and external inspection of the property is carried out by a licensed DEA. They will make a note of the following:
Confirm age of the property
Note the construction of the walls and roof, checking for signs of cavity insulation
Look for green devices (such as solar electric panels or solar water evacuated tubes )
Confirm how many windows are double glazed and when installed
Count number of fireplaces, open or closed
Check make and model of boiler and the type of flue and fule used
Calculate the number of CFLs (low energy bulbs)
Confirm type of heating system used and controls.
Measure roof insulation
Measure the thickness of the hot water cylinder jacket or foam.
Check for excessive window area in larger houses and take precise measurements of conservatories and extensions.
Confirm how many 'habitable' rooms are heated.
Measure the internal or external areas of the home.

Sketch and make relevant notes of the home and room layout""

  mrwoowoo 16:22 01 Apr 2009

Thanks for replying.
I did have a Google and a read up,but just wanted some first hand experiences.

  Kaacee 16:57 01 Apr 2009


I agree thats what they SHOULD do, but when an agent did an EPC for me on a house, they made a hell of a lot of assumptions which were incorrect and I finished up having to get them back and do it properly which altered the results significantly.

  lotvic 11:31 02 Apr 2009

Thanks for the warning, I shall be having mine done in a couple of months time as putting it back on the market and need these new fangled HIP and EPC

Let us all know what happens

  mrwoowoo 16:07 02 Apr 2009

"Let us all know what happens"

No probs.
I will post back with an update in about a week.

  cruiser2 17:51 02 Apr 2009

If I had to have one done, I would ask the surveyor the following questions.
1. Does he have public liability insurance. He must show the details of the policy number and renewal date.
2. Does he have his own ladder to gain access to the loft. He is not using mine!!
3. If he tries to use any portable electrical equipment, when was it last tested and examined and by whom?
4.I would not volunteer any information. He/she are getting paid. Let them find the answers e.g how old is the property.
There may be others but these will stop them before they start.

  lotvic 21:31 02 Apr 2009

some very valid points there, but you need an EPC if you are going to sell your house so it's probably best not to be too unfriendly.

  mrwoowoo 20:49 07 Apr 2009

The whole thing took a few minutes shy of thirty.
The HIP's engineer was very friendly and rather jolly.
He took photo's of everything,including the outside front and rear aspect,boiler,gas and electric meters,immersion heater and the loft.
And yes he provided his own ladder.
Noted energy efficient bulbs,asked if we had cavity wall insulation and how long the double glazing had been installed.
Noted the depth of the loft insulation.
All room sizes were measured.
Should get the results or certificate in a few days.

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