Anyone got one of these emails?

  Totally-braindead 20:02 12 Mar 2006

I've just received an email from Wachovia Bank asking me to sign in an check my details are correct.
I haven't done it as it appear to be a bit of a con as I've not got an account with them and never heard of them. Anyone got some info on them? Hears their website click here

  namtas 20:23 12 Mar 2006

A analysis of their website does not lead to the view that they are bogus. What they have is a link option for a friend to recommend someone to them by providing name and email address, I would assume that this is what has happened here.

  bremner 20:29 12 Mar 2006

This is just another phishing scam like thousands of others. click here

Just delete it.

  skidzy 21:07 12 Mar 2006

TB,is it possible you have been added to a 3rd party mailing list.After looking into there activities...they seem quite genuine.Last year they were a sponsor to a major golf tourament which was won by Vijay Singh a world reknown leading golfer.This was only found via a google search and you have probably already seen this.
click here

  skidzy 21:10 12 Mar 2006

Also TB,do you have any thing to do with the Prudential....As they own some of the Wachovia Bank ...If so...this may be to do with the 3rd party i was talking about.
click here

  alB 21:18 12 Mar 2006

Why don't you contact them and ask if the e-mail is legit, I'm sure they would verify for you, also they would be pleased to know if anyone is using theur name for a phishing here


  alB 21:20 12 Mar 2006

theur = their

  DieSse 23:05 12 Mar 2006

bremner is sure to be correct. These phishing scams all read the same - log on and correct (ie enter) your details.

NEVER enter your bank details to ANYONE who emails and asks for them - however genuine it looks. Of course they're going to make it look genuine - wouldn't be worth trying otherwise.

  namtas 23:14 12 Mar 2006

Totally braindead, what details were you asked to check?

  Totally-braindead 12:29 13 Mar 2006

The problem with this is they don't ask me for bank details or anything else, it redirects you to a page where it asks you to log in and since I don't have an account with them I can't do it anyway. I'm a bit suspicious of this and have emailed the bank because my ex brother in law lives in Florida and has an account with this bank.
It could be something as simple as trying to get customers to log in so as they can steal the password info, thats the only thing I can think of anyway. I'll post back when the bank replies.

  DieSse 12:56 13 Mar 2006

*it redirects you to a page where it asks you to log in and since I don't have an account with them I can't do it anyway.*

Yes - but they send out millions - many people won't have an account - some will - those are the ones they're trying to catch out!

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