Anyone got any idea if this is real or spam..?

  barca1 14:45 03 Apr 2008

got this lastnight & normaly it would be from a email address where you can easly tell its spam or a virus but this has a genuine goverment email address on it..??
there is a file attached to it..

here's what it looks like NOTE the email address:

[email protected]

Subject: Re: Notify
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 20:31:27 +0100

ESMTP [Secure Mail System #334]: Secure message is attached.


  interzone55 14:52 03 Apr 2008

Well that's a genuine Scottish Government email address, so I'm sure that Natasha is very happy that you've posted it here so that all the webcrawlers on the internet can grab it and spam her to death.

If you weren't expecting this email simply send it back and report that it must have been mis-addressed.

  lofty29 14:54 03 Apr 2008

golden rule "IF in doubt chuck it out"

  barca1 15:31 03 Apr 2008


the only reason that i posted the email was due to the fact that when i went to open it yahoo wouldnt let me stating its a virus so i had to see if anyone else had the same email from the same person..i do agree its not the cleverest thing ive done though..

  barca1 15:36 03 Apr 2008

"alan14" heres what yahoo stated when i tried to open the file:

Virus "[email protected]" found.
The file attached to this message was infected with a virus that we were unable to clean. You should not download this attachment.

  barca1 15:38 03 Apr 2008


ive just replied to her & i got this reply:

Out of Office AutoReply

I will be out of the office until ********2008 on annual leave.

Please contact **** **** who will redirect your enquiry

wow i am so intrested to see what it is as its obviously genuine...

  interzone55 15:41 03 Apr 2008

Looks to me like someone at the scottish parliament has got themselves a mass mailing virus, in which case many people will have got it.
click here for details of the virus from Symantec

You hadn't mentioned a virus at first, so assumed (I know, never assume) that because the message was marked as secure it had simply been sent to the wrong email address. Any email I send with attachments from work gets marked up as encrypted because we encrypt all outgoing files.

  barca1 15:45 03 Apr 2008

Ive just called the number thats on the "Auto Reply" & ive just spoken to a lady who asssured me its genuine but its "TRansport" related..?? i told her i know NOTHING of this & she is going to contact natasha as she's on holiday..??
i wonder whats happened

  laurie53 18:42 03 Apr 2008

I've made some recent enquiries of the Transport Directorate, and my e-mail was bounced around at least five offices before i got an answer.

I'll keep a very keen eye on my inbox for the next few days!

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