Anyone going to the Olympics?

  Quickbeam 18:45 15 Oct 2010

It's only £725 for a premium seat for the mens 100m blue ribband event:O Ouch my wallet cries!

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  Forum Editor 18:46 15 Oct 2010

but I won't be paying £725, or anything like it.

  spuds 18:54 15 Oct 2010

I might(just might)push myself to watch it from an armchair at home. Very doubtful though ;o))

  Quickbeam 18:55 15 Oct 2010

For £725 you can buy a very comfortable armchair...

  sunnystaines 18:56 15 Oct 2010

my daughter got the price list sent to her, she is keen to go. at rip off prices i told her better of watching it on tv unless its all pundit talk and no action.

  spuds 19:03 15 Oct 2010

Watching yesterdays evenings BBC Watchdog program put shivers down my spine, regarding on-line tickets sales and over priced tickets for certain events. I wonder if the Olympics will be any different, especially with the must have, must be there at any price brigade?.

  Quickbeam 19:06 15 Oct 2010

I'd like to see some track and field, but I don't suppose that I'll get anything like the birdseye view that I got in Sheffield in '95 when Jonathan Edwards broke his own world record 3 times not 20 feet away from me, and all for about £25 I think I paid.

I'd rather spend £2,012 on a round the world cruise rather than on a ticket for the opening (that's if i had it BTW!)

  Forum Editor 19:08 15 Oct 2010

is that I'm unlikely to see another Olympic games hosted here in my lifetime, so I'm going to experience things at first-hand if I can.

In my case it makes sense to go to something that is taking place on the other side of my home city, rather than watching it on TV. I have no idea which event(s) I'll see at this point.

  wiz-king 19:09 15 Oct 2010

They are paying me that much to go?

  Quickbeam 19:10 15 Oct 2010

That's the same reason that I'll go to this and the rugby world cup, I'll never get another chance in my home country.

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