Anyone going for the iPhone 3G?

  simonjary 14:37 10 Jul 2008

Seeing as my two-year-old daughter has taken to rising at 6am rather than 7am, she is getting to trip down to our local O2 store early Friday morning so I can get an iPhone 3G. She's an expert at the touchscreen interface, so she'll be delighted with the faster download speeds!

Anyone else buying one tomorrow?

  interzone55 15:24 10 Jul 2008

Sorry, but it's another classic demonstration of Apple's mastery of hype over substance.

Bring out a desirable product that is sadly lacking in features,then bring out a better version which prompts Apple Addicts to upgrade.

They've being doing it with the iPod for years, and they'll continue doing it with the iPhone until they've bankrupted or p**sed off the last fan.

And yes, I know Nokia do this all the time as well, which is why my phone is two years old, and won't be replaced until it dies

  simonjary 15:38 10 Jul 2008

Bit unfair to blame Apple for what is pretty standard practice in technology and many other products...

  Cymro. 16:01 10 Jul 2008

"And yes, I know Nokia do this all the time as well, which is why my phone is two years old, and won't be replaced until it dies"

Both of my children are on some contract or other that gives them a new phone every now and again. So when they get a new phone my wife or I take the old one off their hands and it does well enough for us.

The technology my wife and I have in out mobiles may not be the very latest but it is more than enough for what we need.

  simonjary 16:12 10 Jul 2008

But other mobiles can't access the full functionality of PC Advisor and its forums...

  interzone55 16:35 10 Jul 2008

that's why I have a laptop, I've then got the full functionality of a computer for when I need it.

Unlike some people, I can survive a whole day without dipping into Facebook or even <whisper> PCA forums </whisper>.

I'm currently getting very annoyed by the advances in technology at the expense of the public. DAB radio is a classic example. A radio built in the 1920's will happily pick up Radio 5 Live, but in the next couple of years it looks like the BBC will shift DAB broadcasting to DAB+, so a DAB radio built a couple of years ago will be useless, and a similar fate awaits Freeview boxes, as existing boxes will not receive the HD channels that will be launched in about 18 months...

  Al94 16:50 10 Jul 2008

Nope, just got a free upgrade on Orange to a Nokia N82 - brilliant. 5mp camera, amazing video quality, wifi, (installed internet radio software last night, works a treat with 100's of radio stations) Sat Nav (again works very well and locks onto satellites within seconds - even indoors!) Oh yes, I nearly forgot - I can make and receive phone calls too!

  anskyber 17:02 10 Jul 2008

It looks great and if I was still working or highly mobile well, I could be tempted. Given I am home based with PC at my finger tips there is little justification for the iPhone G3.

Oddly, when I go on holiday I do not have an over riding urge to constantly check PCA website.....well not much....well maybe once in a while.

  Forum Editor 17:13 10 Jul 2008

To be honest, I have a bad case of new phone fatigue. I know the makers and the network providers need to tap into every available revenue stream but I've turned off and tuned out as far as gizmo-laden phones are concerned. I wouldn't use a phone for surfing the web if I could possible help it - I have a tiny little laptop with a mobile broadband dongle for doing that - and I'm not interested in a hundred new ways to contact people - I use a phone for speaking, a laptop for emailing and internet access, and avoid text messages like the plague.

Sorry Apple, but I'm happy to pass on this, and I suspect that I'm not alone.

  Jim Thing 21:53 10 Jul 2008

Sir —

Am I to understand that you have not experienced the thrill of photographing everything in sight and sending the amusing results instantly to your many friends? Or viewing sensational movie clips as you walk along the street? Or sndng impntrbl txt msgs 2 evry 1 u no?

Is the respected Editor of the web's best technical forums a closet Luddite? I think the public should be told.

Yrs etc.
Lord Fred Apple

  WhiteTruckMan 21:57 10 Jul 2008

"I use a phone for speaking, a laptop for emailing and internet access, and avoid text messages like the plague"

I'm in complete agreement with FE on this. Maybe the up-and-coming generation of young shavers will sneer at us old fogies with a mobile AND a laptop, but what can you do?


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