Anyone Expecting Water Shortages?

  Quickbeam 08:25 22 Apr 2011

According to this, we won't be getting hosepipe bans at all Yorkshire Water

I wonder, after the driest March in 60 years, and what looks like being a record dry April as well, if they'll regret issuing that statement.

  bremner 08:36 22 Apr 2011

South West Water say it is unlikely down here - so I am very reassured ;o) Click Here

  Grey Goo 10:17 22 Apr 2011

Southern Water are fitting water meters to every property on their books, this will be compulsory. They say they cannot guarantee water supplies unless drastic action is taken. Once everyone is on a meter they can charge what they like, but that won't happen will it.

  spuds 11:22 22 Apr 2011

" Anyone Expecting Water Shortages?"

No, just a pitiful letter stating that I have to pay more for improvements :O)

  sunnystaines 13:07 22 Apr 2011

level of the thames here is ok, its where thames water and north surrey water suck in their supplies.

  Ford Prefect 01 15:28 22 Apr 2011

Two burst mains outside Woking. No mains water at all today so far, hopefully by tomorrow it will be restored.

  Grey Goo 16:59 22 Apr 2011

fourm member

Yeah right.

  spuds 19:05 22 Apr 2011

Bit like the same regulator who fined our water board quite heavily,due to bad practices and overcharging. Then only just about managed to get an approximate £2.00 discount for the customers on this and last years bills?.

Show me a regulator or government funded watchdog that truly acts with swiftness in the publics favour.

  interzone55 09:14 23 Apr 2011

I'm not sure what will happen where I live.

The site own has sunk a bore hole, so we're not connected to United Utilities mains water at all anymore. I've no idea how long the bore hole supply will last, but I hope he pulls his finger out and installs a better filter, the water is ruining my kettle...

  WhiteTruckMan 09:51 23 Apr 2011

Water shortage? Of course we're going to have a water shortage. this is britain. If it doesnt rain for five consecutive days we have a water shortage!

Alan14- tell your site owner to be carefull if a shortage is declared, as even with a privately owned borehole/well etc they are still covered by the same legislation, and cannot run hosepipes etc from it.


  SparkyJack 10:08 23 Apr 2011

Water shortages!

My main concern is lack of Scotch to go with it

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