Anyone else fed up of old threads?

  Totally-braindead 21:56 03 Apr 2006

In the past week or so I've noticed that some people are adding bits in to threads that are quite old, theres 2 in Consumerwatch just now. The point is twofold, the companies concerned might have had problems with bad service or whatever and may have now sorted it, also theres the time aspect, some threads have little relevance due to the amount of time that has passed, I remember one of the threads that was brought back was something about broadband and it was well over a year old and the speeds/costs etc have no relevance to what you can get now.

Its really starting to annoy me, I help out where I can but have no real interest in reading a lot of info that is a year or more out of date. Plus you really have to read the whole posting before you get to whatever point the latest person has typed and some of the postings have quite a few answers and subsequently take a while to read.

Anyone else noticed this and feel similar? I presume its some of the newer members of the Forum, I was thinking about asking the FE if he would consider adding another box, if possible, listing not just the last posting time but also when the thread was started.

Perhaps I'm just being pernickity but I would like to help out and read about problems people have now, not something that happened a year ago.

  €dstowe 22:07 03 Apr 2006

Don't forget the plea at the head of the Helproom page requesting that users should use the search facility before posting. It may be that's what they (possibly newbies) are doing and then adding their specifics to the problem already posted.

  anskyber 22:43 03 Apr 2006

Tough one isn't it. I was thinking very much the same as you and I know the threads you are thinking of. Not sure what the answer is but there should perhaps be a way of closing a thread (sorry FE) if nothing has ben added for say 7 days unless it is from the originator.
The thrust of your comment is fully supported since I agree that there is a real chance that the issue could have been dealt with and all we are getting is side comments not directly related to the originators point.

  SG Atlantis® 22:44 03 Apr 2006

Yeah, I am.

Especially ones that stick completely different problems on the end of a resolved thread.

  Forum Editor 23:09 03 Apr 2006

and am often tempted to close threads that are resurrected months, or even years after they were first posted. I don't do it, because often when I close a thread I'm bombarded with mail from people who think I'm deliberately trying to stifle debate. I'm not, but that's what some people think.

I think that €dstowe's right, and what happens is this: Someone searches using certain keywords, and then, when they get a thread that relates to their particular problem they add to it, perhaps not realising that it's old, and that it would be better to post a newer thread of their own.

  ezypcy 00:10 04 Apr 2006

I feel that if a member feels negative about the life span of a post then they should turn over and let the bad dream pass.I can't always find the time to be glued to the forum so this creates , maybe a healthier option for me.

As with driving - take plenty of breaks.And get some freah air!

At least the FE gets financial reward for his dedication to the cause.

  keith-236134 08:34 04 Apr 2006

Nothing wrong with old threads, they make interesting reading, sometimes. We're not all old hands who've read them all before.

  HondaMan 09:23 04 Apr 2006

On some other forums, or should that be fora, that I am on someone starting a new thread sometimes gets flamed for not following the old one. Cries of "search first before posting" come to mind, people say it makes following a thread more difficult.

FE, there is no easy answer, whatever you do/don't do you cannot please everyone. Just keep up the good work.

  jack 09:31 04 Apr 2006

In a similar vein as I scan the page and see a familiar topic with a large number of responses
I simply pass on by- I may have had a say, or I may not on a particrlar thread, but I think -why muddy the water further?

  Totally-braindead 12:23 04 Apr 2006

HondaMan, appreciate what you are saying but I'm not talking about this sort of thing at all, its people ressurrecting postings that are a year or more old, and the ones I've seen are postings created by someone else not the person whos brought it back. If a person has an original posting and has ticked it as resolved and then discovered the problem has reoccurred all he/she has to do is include a link in the new posting to the other one. But as I said this is not whats been driving me nuts.

crx1600 thank you for that, would you believe that despite me being here for a few years now that I had never noticed that. I'll tick this as resolved and pay more attention in future.

Can't believe its been sitting there plain as day and I never noticed it. Never mind I know its there now.

  ade.h 21:53 04 Apr 2006

Usually, it's a related but fairly inconsequential comment. If it's a question, the postee will hopefully realise that they should start their own thread when they get no replies because we've all read that thread long ago and don't bother to look at it again. Unless it really interested me at the time, I don't bother reading ancient resurrected threads.

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