Anyone else annoyed about installing software?

  Totally-braindead 23:17 21 Mar 2009

Just been installing some software on my sisters new laptop and it seems that just about every program you buy wants to install loads of extras you don't need and in many cases don't want.

An example of this is toolbars, some from the manufacturers own software and some from Google and some from other search engines.

You have to really watch what you are doing when you install something, I admit you should be reading whatever you install carefully to see what options are installed and I know that you can always delete them again but it hacks me off a bit when I simply want to install say an anti virus program or an office suite and you have to deselect some toolbars or whatever when installing it. If you had to chose to install them I wouldn't be bothered but you have to chose not to install them.

Its not a major problem I just find it a bit annoying.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:23 21 Mar 2009

have to remember to untick Yahoo toolbar when upgrading CCleaner

  Stuartli 00:42 22 Mar 2009

Just download the version without the Yahoo toolbar:

click here

  rdave13 01:20 22 Mar 2009

Yes I agree. Pain in the butt; but a small price to pay if it's a free program you download.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:17 22 Mar 2009

you might end up with something like these screenshots:

click here

click here

click here

I myself dont recognse them all. I feel sure that someone does though.

My gripe about installing software concerns EULA's. you cant read them untill part way through the install. Suppose you dont agree, for whatever reason, what then? Good luck getting your money back from a retailer onve you have already opened the software!


  Cymro. 10:41 22 Mar 2009

As someone who only has a low powered computer I have to be even more careful what I allow to be downloaded with such things.

As Totally-braindead said in his opening post "Its not a major problem I just find it a bit annoying".

  Totally-braindead 12:23 22 Mar 2009

As some of you have noticed its the paid for programs that annoy me. If its a freebie like the wonderful (in my opinion) CrapCleaner then its entirely understandable that this sort of thing is included - after all they need to get some money from somewhere.

But when you pay anything between £40 and 100s of pounds for a program isn't it a bit much that you have to custom install in some case or in other cases deselect to install some toolbar. Lets face it you are already paying for the program so why do they have to include something like this? You've already paid for the progam after all.

  Chegs ®™ 17:27 22 Mar 2009

I agree it can be annoying.I have had some programs where I have deselected the additional toolbar yet had to then turn off the toolbar as it still installed one.Another thing I get just a tiny bit irked about is when someone has say a 19" LCD screen,yet opens a browser page in a 6" window so they have to scroll not only up & down the page but sideways too.True its their PC and they can set it any way they like,though when its brought to me to fettle I always drag browser windows to fill the screen.

  ened 09:01 23 Mar 2009

You have brought up a really pertinent point.

I like to have absolute control over my machine and get very frustraterd if I gain a tool bar (As an example) I wasn't expecting.

fourm member is correct to point out that you should never go for the 'recommended' install but very often there are comments attached to the alternative like: 'Advanced users only' This puts many people off using that option.

I have to admit that the other day I was installing something and chose the easy option out of sheer laziness, I regretted it and had to undo everything and do a System Restore in case.

We can't complain about the freebies but it is a bit naughty when the paid-for stuff comes with extras which the developer has most probably been paid to include.

lol i thought i had seen them all kind regards akanic

  Totally-braindead 19:26 23 Mar 2009

WTM you make a valid point about the EULA's, I seem to recall that our own FE also thought that the EULA's should be on the outside of the packaging so that you can read them BEFORE purchase because as you point out companies are very touchy about accepting back software that is not faulty.
Appologies FE if I recall incorrectly about this but I do think you said this some time ago.

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