Is anyone eagerly awaiting Lonhorn ?

  Indigo 1 10:52 24 Jun 2005

Just curious really but I know a lot of people who still use W9X and ME as they are more than adequate for their needs and I know one or two who have tried XP but 'don't get on with it' so have reverted to ME an 9X. I also know a few people who have recently moved on to XP and are still getting to grips with it so won't bother to get Longhorn for some years yet.

I personally won't bother with it myself as I am more than happy with XP and after reading PCA's preview today, it seems there won't be mny improvements in security and the only real improvements will be in the GUI, which can be made using progs like Windows Blinds and Style XP so why bother ?

Is anyone eagerly awaiting the release and why ?

Will many people be able to make use of the new features and what are the real benefits ?

Or is this just another money spinner from M$ ?

  ianmillin 11:09 24 Jun 2005

Having just experienced Apples new Mini Mac what a simple system to use. If Longhorn is not as easy to use I will have to consider staying with Windows XP or making the switch to APPLE.

  Forum Editor 11:26 24 Jun 2005

when Microsoft release a new operating system.

There's lots of hype, and millions of words are written before the code goes 'gold'. Then as launch day approaches everyone adopts a stance - from the early-adopters who (like me) want or need to be using the latest release to those who take the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach and say they'll never migrate. In between there are various shades of "maybe, when the bugs are out".

I think we've been running the forum through three Windows releases now, and on each occasion I've predicted that (despite what they say in advance) most forum members will end up trying the new software within a year of release. I'm failry sure that every time it's been true, it is certainly true of Windows XP. There was enormous opposition to XP before launch, and I can recall lots of "over my dead body" comments in the forum. Despite all that I think that WinXP has been Microsoft's most successful release ever, and I anticipate that Longhorn will at least equal that performance.

It will not be the universal panacea that was originally hyped, and it will not include some of the more radical proposals first mooted when the developers put finger to keyboard for the first time - those will come later. What will happen is that we should get a faster, even more stable system that has the building blocks already there for future enhancements.

In time it will be adopted by the world, but it will take time. As for being a money-spinner for Microsoft - maybe, but what's wrong with that? The company doesn't exist to make losses.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 24 Jun 2005

The vast majority of computer users use a computer for the Internet, listening to music from net stations or Cd's and the occasional word document. It is unlikely that they are going to be waiting with baited breath for any new OS.

I realise that a lot of work has been put into the development of Longhorn but I fail to see any real 'benefits' for home users. It reminds me of the new 'media center' computers that have major 'benefits' for users. They do nothing that a normal computer cannot do with a littl personal input and a few extra(usually freeware) programmes.


  Pooke 11:32 24 Jun 2005

Personnally I'll be waiting for a year or two. I didn't get this XP machine until after sp2 came out. My XP disk came with sp2 integrated onto it.

I have spent a fortune on games over the last 6 months and doubt I will ever finish them, so I will need a few years of practice/playing to accomplish that.

I like XP loads but I will move to the new OS when I feel ready to.

  Indigo 1 11:55 24 Jun 2005

Interesting to have two opposing views in the first two responses.

I remember the hype surrounding the release of XP, it was incredible, this new OS was going to be the 'be-all and end-all' of operating systems for the next millenium but it now appears that it could be better.

I won't be able to make up my mind over Longhorn untill I have tried it (obviously) but I am attracted to Mac OSX especially after trying a few Linux distro's (it seems to make more sense to me).

My brother recently asked for my advice on buying a new PC and I recomended he should buy a MAC as he is not a PC enthusiast and only wants it for the internet, email and digital pics. He took my advice and was delighted at it's ease of use, speed and reliabilty and he now recommends it to everyone. I feel Mac OSX has more to offer the novice than XP especially in security but Longhorn seems to be no better than XP in many ways including security, which is crucial these days.

  octal 13:15 24 Jun 2005

No, I switched to Linux last year and I can't think of any good reason to return to Windows of any description as my main O/s.

  John-259217 14:07 24 Jun 2005

Although I did try the beta of 64 bit XP I won`t be upgrading to that as Longhorn (hopefully!) gets nearer to release.

It`s a shame some of the more interesting features have been left out but I`ll still be buying a copy when it appears.

For most users I`d expect the change will occur when they purchase a new system and get it pre-installed.

For those of us who like technology it`s something new to play with - for anyone who feels it`s change for the sake of it they may well be right.

On the other hand what would everyone be saying about Microsoft if they still sold Windows 3.1 as their main product line?

It worked at the time and did what people wanted but I doubt you`d buy it today.

OS2Warp anyone?...

Ouch! Who threw that brick? :-))))))

  Kate B 14:15 24 Jun 2005

My new PC has a 64bit processor so I'll be interested in upgrading to the 64bit version ... it would be nice to exploit the potential of my machine.

m73john, how did you get on with the 64bit XP?

  €dstowe 14:18 24 Jun 2005

Whether or not people want Longhorn is not the point - they will be forced into it like they were with XP when they found that a lot of new software developments, including games (more useful to them than a fancy operating system) refused to work in the 9X derived setup they already had.

The thing is that with Longhorn, this restriction on software will be even greater than before, if one is to believe the hype that is coming along.

  spuds 14:28 24 Jun 2005

Moved from W95-W98e-ME-XP. Will I use Longhorn,I suppose that I will be forced into it eventually, unless something else comes into being.

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