anyone booked to fly BA this summer

  sunnystaines 17:41 28 Apr 2010

read this

click here

this suicidal union will not be happy till BA goes bust and all its members go on the dole.

  bremner 17:58 28 Apr 2010

The most rude and ignorant staff I have ever flown with.

Hope BA sticks it to them.

  ronalddonald 18:22 28 Apr 2010

strikes again is it well now you know and you fly with someone else maybe euroflock

  sunnystaines 18:23 28 Apr 2010

Any BA staff on the forum able to give a view on this?

  Forum Editor 19:35 28 Apr 2010

I like the airline, I like the fact that the national flag colours are on the tail, and I certainly won't be deterred by talk of strikes.

If they strike, they strike, and like everyone else I'll be annoyed, and make alternative arrangements if I can. What I won't do is plunge into an orgy of gloom and despair over a newspaper article.

My personal opinion is that the real culprits in all this are a relatively small number of staff and some militant union officials. I've seen it all before, in other companies, and it's a tragic situation. We have a national airline of which we could be proud, and it's being systematically destroyed by a few misguided people. Some of those people might well be among the company's management for all I know - I'm not blaming the union entirely. I would be very sad if BA was not around - I've flown in their aircraft many times over many years, and the experience has been largely a good one.

  morddwyd 19:40 28 Apr 2010

You have to speak as you find.

I'm afraid I must agree with bremner.

  sunnystaines 21:07 28 Apr 2010

last flew BA longhaul jan09 and they were as bremmer said, used to use BA a lot and the service was excellent but the staff have lost the treat customers with respect attitude.

Would like to see them recover again and become a good service. flown with then since the days of the comet,viscount,vanguard,trident and the oneeleven, missed flying in a VC10.

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