Anyone been to St Lucia?

  Marko797 19:43 09 Feb 2008

We're thinking of going this summer but not sure on weather etc at that particular time of year (Jul).

We both like it hot and sunny, and good beaches of course.

Has anyone any experience of holidaying in StL, plus able to offer ideas on best time for hot sunny weather, and hotels etc.

We're thinking of going/booking with Virgin, for flight and holiday (all inclusive) but not sure which resort to go to.

Anyone have any strong recommendations or other advice?

Many thanks. I'll check back later on the thread.

  sunny staines 20:24 09 Feb 2008

not been there myself but heard it is very beautiful volcanic island. if you have not been to west Indies before watch out for the sun i got sun burnt on a cloudy day on another island and food to try are flying fish grilled, and dolphin not quite flipper type dolphin but very tasty.

  mikef. 20:34 09 Feb 2008

Been several times, a fantastically beautiful island but July is the rainy season, which could also mean a hurricane. For info on St Lucia see click here

  Blackhat 23:59 09 Feb 2008

I got married on the island of St Lucia 13 years ago at Club St Lucia, it has since been re built, and I will be going back later this year. We went in September, height of the hurricane season, we endured a hurricane during our first week, an experience I will never forget, we also had a tornado on our wedding day, you could say our marriage got off to a stormy start.

Do the all inclusive, take as many excursions as possible, there is a lot to see and don’t be put off by what people say about the weather. A hurricane is an amazing experience and the chances of one are very small, on this island you will be well looked after.

Here is an image of St Lucia under the hurricane I experienced,
click here

I can well recomend the island as a holiday destination as I am going back again.

  Forum Editor 00:40 10 Feb 2008

and can confirm that it's a very beautiful island - lots of lush greenery, and all the bananas you could ever eat. I was last there about three weeks before Christmas, and the weather was excellent - lots of sunshine. I stayed in a hotel called Ladera Resort, which was very good.

If you get a chance, take a whale-watching trip. You'll go on a boat with half a dozen other people, and search for whales. You may not find any, but you'll see lots of dolphins, and they'll cruise along with your boat.

In the centre of the island there's a national forest park, which is well worth a trip.

The St. Lucia people are friendly and easy-going, and you'll have a great time there.

  Jak_1 01:39 10 Feb 2008

I've been there 3 times, beautiful island. The only time to avoid is the hurricane season, Aug -Oct. The ambient temp is around 80F for most of the year with the Trade Winds giving a breeze most of the time. One of my favourite Carribean Islands.

  Marko797 10:05 10 Feb 2008

for all the comments & links - most useful.

My main concern is the weather, as like I said we both like it hot and sunny, but appreciate that there will be high humidity, and some rain, similar to Jamaica which is where we went a few yrs ago.

We generally holiday in July, so the qustion is:

*Is July good weather and a good time to go?*

It seems from the links and other research that the temps are fairly constant, and again this seems similar to Cuba, which is where we went last yr. We had some rain - expected - but strangely only in the evenings. During the day it was beautifully sunny and hot. I'd go back like a shot but the other half likes St Lucia, so it seems the destination is now sorted.

In Jamaica, we had rain, but this seemed to be a regular daily occurrence at around 4 pm (lasted 1/2 hr max and then dried up), plus we did have evening storms, some of which were bad.

I suppose I just want to go somewhere in the caribbean, have a great relaxed time, and come back with a decent sun tan. If St Lucia can offer this then great, but don't want to spend £3k+ and find it's been a wash out weather wise.

  Bingalau 10:28 10 Feb 2008

I know I have warned people about over exposure to the sun before. For God's sake make sure you use lots of protection. Have a look in the dictionary for the word "Keratoses". and be warned. More people than ever are now suffering from this than ever before. I could show you a picture of the after effects but it is horrific and would give some people nightmares. Don't just go on holiday for the sun. I'm not trying to be a killjoy, just trying to stop you ending up like I did.

  Marko797 10:49 10 Feb 2008

we always use sun protection creams Bingalau, but thnx anyhow.

They cost a fortune, but essential.

  Forum Editor 10:51 10 Feb 2008

and like all tropical islands it has a predominantly hot climate. I've been there at all times of the year, and perhaps I've been lucky - it's always been sunny and warm.

The average daytime temperature is around 27 degrees, but because the trade winds blow it can often feel a bit cooler than that, but don't be fooled - you'll burn just the same.

You can get rain at any time of the year,I've seen lots of showers there, but that's all they've been, and they're welcome, because they keep the island green. If you're after the driest weather you should go now. In July you're inside the hurricane season, and despite what some people might think, hurricanes aren't fun - they kill lots of people every year, and what sensible person wants to take a risk like that for the sake of a holiday? I've been in a full-blown Typhoon (same thing) in Hong Kong, and I assure you it isn't remotely anyone's idea of fun. The hurricane season runs until November.

If I could choose a time to go (and I can't always do that) it would be between December and March.

  Marko797 11:03 10 Feb 2008

I'll pass the word on to she who must be obeyed, and maybe suggest an alternative. I don't fancy the hurricane bit.

Strange tho, but we had similar concerns over Cuba. We went in July, which again was allegedly the hurricane season (typical of the region I think). We stayed at Varadero, which seemed to have it's own climate to a degree.

One day we travelled from Varadero to Havana, and en-route, just outside of Varadero, there had been severe down-pours evidenced by huge floods. We had no idea these had occurred at all as we'd had no rain where we were staying. Strange.

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