Anybody got an older one

  Bingalau 10:37 21 Jul 2009

I think Brumas might have one of these stored in his attic, along with his picture. (anybody remember Dorian grey?)

click here

  Quickbeam 10:40 21 Jul 2009

It's the only authentic way to enjoy The Woodentops.

  Terry Brown 10:45 21 Jul 2009

I don't know about Televisions, but I was at a local fete in june and they had a cylindral record player and another one (not sure what is was called, that was a round disk with pins sticking out of it.
And, yes they both worked

Yearage- No Idea-- have you?

  dagnammit 10:54 21 Jul 2009

Impressive build quality. Oldest things I have are two recently acquired games consoles from ebay. The Sega Master System II, one is a 1988 and the other is a 1991 version. Both work flawlessly and have no signs of repair on them.

Now my £300 Playstation 3 has just come out of it's 1 yr warranty and Sony want £145 to fix it as it's becoming unreliable. Can't see this lasting twenty years.

  oresome 12:47 21 Jul 2009

We still use a Kenwood electric hand mixer, bought in 1971.

  spuds 13:22 21 Jul 2009

Don't know so much about the television, but we have a 55 year old Hoover (by royal appointment) steam iron that still works today. In all that time it only ever had a replacement cable and element was were readily available for diy. Forgot the actual price, but I know it was purchased on a Currys weekly pop-in-the shop and pay a few pennies per week. Even have an old reel to reel tape recorder sold via the same Currys shop.

One of these days I must see what as been hoarded over the years, no doubt some little memorable treasure, possibly worth nothing except sentimental thoughts, but who knows!.

In the outhouse, we have a very old fully working Pegson Elephant Foot rammer (replaced nowadays by the substantially very lighter Wacker plate). Possible a future gift to some bygone tymes museum perhaps!.

  wiz-king 13:52 21 Jul 2009

Moles stand no chance in your lawn then :-)

  lotvic 14:45 21 Jul 2009

I've got a wooden cased radio valve set (can't remember the make) in full working order last time I had it out of the loft.
It is a delight to listen to - has a beautiful tone.

  Bingalau 14:56 21 Jul 2009

What on earth is a Pegson Elephant Foot Rammer or for that matter a Wacker Plate? I realise I am leaving myself wide open to one of Brumas's put downs, but as a whacker (Scouser) myself this has got me wondering.

Why would anyone want to ram an elephant's foot?

  Brumas 15:03 21 Jul 2009

It is used for sticking large bootnecks into small holes (i.e. any bar off the gut);o)

  lotvic 16:41 21 Jul 2009

Here you are, example of one in action at 0.14 secs click here
Looks like a size 15 at a guess.

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