anybody found a taser

  timsmith259 06:30 08 Dec 2010

click here

Lost by an officer of the law!

  spuds 11:05 08 Dec 2010

How many times have you lost or misplaced something, yet it hasn't made a news sensation.

"Lost by an officer of the law", only proves that everyone can be human?.

Yes it might be a serious offence for a police officer to do that, but it is also an offence for someone to be walking about with a machete threatening everyone, and then the public expect protection from an officer with a baton and spray can, as they await an armed response team (perhaps without a taser in this case).

  peter99co 11:13 08 Dec 2010

A human custodian of the law but not of his equipment. Somebody could be in for a shock now.

  carver 13:56 08 Dec 2010

Can happen to any one click here it's only a few weeks ago that I followed a woman who still had her laptop on the roof of her car, I tried to flash her with my headlights and when she stopped I walked up to her car and the response I got was she was phoning the police, after I explained what was on the top of her car she was slightly apologetic.

  carver 16:02 08 Dec 2010

Can you imagine giving that as a Chrisy Presy to one of your children, it would be stunning.

  timsmith259 16:27 08 Dec 2010

someone , somewhere, some how will be zapped if the taser falls into the wrong hands

  Forum Editor 17:23 08 Dec 2010

I don't blame the woman at all - she acted correctly. She obviously didn't know why a man she didn't know was flashing his lights at her, and when you approached her car she did exactly the right thing.

You were trying to help, but she saw a potential danger - most women would feel the same way.

  karmgord 19:36 08 Dec 2010

Look on the bright side it might have been a 9mm Glock.
The officer has been relieved of firearms duty but the worst thing for him will be the "stick" his mates give him.
I'm sure it will turn up ,lets just hope it was not found by children.

  Al94 19:26 13 Dec 2010

Wonder if this was it! click here

  timsmith259 22:19 13 Dec 2010

So that's what happened the officer sold to some crook who used in Ireland

  peter99co 22:45 13 Dec 2010

You do talk some twoddle at times!

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