Anybody else heard of this band

  Legolas 19:24 23 Jun 2008

I just caught the end of a Scottish magazine type programme to-night and heard a guy singing just him and an old battered guitar. It turns out to have been the lead singer of a band called Glasvegas hailing from the east end of Glasgow. I searched on google and came up with some utube footage of the band playin a song called "daddy's gone" and another one called "Geraldine" from the first chord I was totally hooked James Allan sings in a broad Gaswegian accent and is brilliant I have not been as excited about a band in years. The two songs I have heard mentioned above sent shivers down my spine. Have a listen see what u think. Awesome. click here

  Al94 19:34 23 Jun 2008

It would be a dull world if we all liked the same thing!

  1911 22:09 23 Jun 2008

I was born in Glasgow and left there forty years ago. I recently spent several months there and the thing that irritated me most was not the hundreds of sets of traffic lights ( all on timers) or the terrible roads ( when resurfacing the manhole covers are never raised) but the Glasgow accent. And I was born there.

  bluto1 22:27 23 Jun 2008

I'm so sorry you don't like the Glasgow accent.
I've just had a holiday in Dublin, (I left there in 1953) and listening to the present day Dubliners speak took me back to my youth. I don't particularly like my own accent, but I wouldn't swap it for another. It's my heritage and I'm justifiably proud of it.

  Joe R 22:50 23 Jun 2008


they are getting a fair bit of press, and airplay, from the radio stations around Central Scotland, at the minute.

  1911 22:54 23 Jun 2008

I like the Dublin accent also French, Donegal, Inverness, Scotish, Yorkshire and Welsh.
It's the real Glaswegian one that irritates me

  K_elt 23:40 23 Jun 2008

Is it the accent or the use of slang that gets you?

  1911 00:11 24 Jun 2008

It's actually the accent. Don't get me wrong. the people are friendly and decent. It's just the way they talk. Why i should find it so irritating is a mystery to me.

  Stuartli 00:35 24 Jun 2008

The great thing about the Scots (my grandmother was Scottish, my mother half Scottish and I'm quarter Scottish) is that you can normally understand perfectly what they are saying, no matter which part of the country they come from.

It's also one of the main reasons I love Scottish singers, especially female singers, such as Barbara Dickson, Sharlene Spiteri, Brenda Cochrane. Lena Martell, Moira Anderson, Annie Lennox, Lulu etc.

However, the theory about understanding the Scots falls apart in the case, for instance, of Kenny Dalglish (who lives in my town!)

  laurie53 07:42 24 Jun 2008

Do you include Aberdonians and the Doric?

  Legolas 07:47 24 Jun 2008

Ah I see your problem the hint is in the first line of youe first post "I was born in Glasgow and left there forty years ago" enough said.

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