any tv engineers here

  picklsey 10:50 03 Feb 2008

hi folks looking for advice .my sis gave me a samsung 42inch rear projection tv in need of before i get someone out to repair it i am trying to get a rough idea of cost,i have phoned a few folk and they want between 40 and 60 pounds to come out,which is fair enough.but i don,t want to pay that out and then if they say that will be a further £200 and i don,t have that sort of money if i get a rough idea i can get the money put aside then call them.or could someone give me advice to try some things myself.i know the safety side of things so if you want to use the yellow envelope please do so.anyway problem as follows.

i think it,s to do with convergance or focus.
i press auto converge it shows the squares moving goes to 4% stays there 30 to 45 secs and then finishes no difference.

manual shows green red and blue crosses but i can only move red and blue the green no option to move and that,s the one that needs moving as the green crosses come down in a bow from the top of the screen.if i can find a way of moving them to there correct position it would be fixed.

when i view the tv i have a dark area which starts about 2" down the left hand side and bows along the top till about 4" from the right.

the rest of the screen is viewable the only thing is now and then you get a pink shadow around people.

as i said not daft enough to blow myself up so if you want please use the private email.

and finnaly i hope the fe is kind enough to allow this post.

  crosstrainer 12:40 03 Feb 2008

This helps, but might give you a few ideas?

click here

  picklsey 12:48 03 Feb 2008

thanks will have a look. my model number is sp42w4hpx should have said.

  Forum Editor 15:20 03 Feb 2008

accept or act upon any advice that involves opening anything in which there is a live mains voltage. People have been killed messing about inside TV sets, and I don't want you being added to the statistics.

  picklsey 15:52 03 Feb 2008

thanks for the warning fe but not needed as what i was looking for is there anything i can try with the remote or buttons on telly.thanks anyway.

  LastChip 15:52 03 Feb 2008

Apparently, it's a known problem with Samsung Projection TV's. The engineer had to replace the convergence chips along with some resistors (it's a kit) at a cost of around £150.00p all inclusive.

Rest assured, it was a VERY delicate operation. I watched it and you could see the chips weren't meant to be replaced. In common with computer mother boards, they had very small connections that required the most delicate of soldering. When these boards are produced, they use a sort of cold solder wash to make the connections, which doesn't lend itself to replacement.

  picklsey 15:59 03 Feb 2008

thanks for that just what i was looking for i was willing to pay upto £200.will give someone a call next week.cheers.

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