Any Surround Sound Experts In Tonight?

  babybell 20:37 02 Jul 2010

Now I'm all settled into my new home, I've got the surround sound system down from the loft and plugged it in. I'm now listening to the Glastonbury highlights and everything sounds super.

The only thing that is confusing me is that on my remote I have a button labelled 'C&SW' with a +/- button.

Pressing the - makes the sound very tinny, whilst pressing the + makes everything basey.

This wouldnt usually be an issue, but what is confusing me is that also on the remote are buttons for 'Base' and 'Treble' which both have +/- buttons as well?

Anyone know what C&SW means? I've googled but have got no joy?

  MAT ALAN 20:49 02 Jul 2010

not sure what C is but SW is SUB WHOOFER

  MAT ALAN 20:52 02 Jul 2010

C is for CENTRE,which is MONAURAL as opposed to stereo or surround sound

  interzone55 21:37 02 Jul 2010

C is the Centre speaker, it is usually tuned to carry vocal frequencies, and is placed below or behind the TV, so speech sounds to come from the screen.

SW carries the bass frequencies, as low frequencies are less directional you can place the boom box anywhere you like, usually behind the sofa is good so explosions kick you in the back...

  interzone55 21:40 02 Jul 2010

Another thing I've just thought of.

The rear speakers are often on slightly longer wires, so the audio signal often takes fractionally longer to get there. Many AV amps have a way to send the rear channels fractionally earlier so stop the audio getting out of sync...

  morddwyd 22:35 02 Jul 2010

C&SW - Country & South Western. The music has a warmer, more mellow, drawn out, sound.

  babybell 22:57 02 Jul 2010

So if I press the - button on C&SW, the bass drops on the Central speaker (under my TV) and in the Sub Woofer (behind TV)

But if I press +/- on the bass and treble buttons, then presumably this will alter said frequencies in the tall speakers either side of my sofas?

  interzone55 08:00 03 Jul 2010

Essentially yes.

By altering the bass & treble controls you are adjusting the sound profile to all speakers

  Chegs ®™ 13:19 03 Jul 2010

I have spent many hours fiddling with my 5.1 speaker systems(PC & TV) trying to get it to sound correctly.The PC has 3 leads connecting to the amplifier and the audio software has facilities to swap the channels around further,plus additional settings to "normalise" the sound (seems to enable me to focus the sound output for where I sit) Once setup so that it sounds perfect(for me)if I crank up the volume,I start to hear too much bass but if I move my head I find I hear more treble.The audio for the TV doesn't have anywhere near the same range of adjustments as the PC and also lacks one of the outputs so depending on where your sat in front of the TV,depends on whether you hear more bass/treble or even left/right channels.Having suffered this irritation from the TV sound for a few weeks,I decided that as I only have 2 ears I only need 2 speakers and sold the 5.1 speaker system for the TV.Until I find another TV sound system that can be adjusted in more ways,I won't waste my money again.

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