Any success with job sites?

  Noldi 12:16 05 Nov 2010

Who has had any success with large job sites?

After 11 years of being an expat I decided to return to the UK, I have resigned and just have to wait while the 6 months notice period passes. I work in a specialised industry for more than 20 years so I thought why not try and see what is out there that may interest me other than what is normal. I uploaded my CV onto a job site and despite the claims they have, all I have had is agency’s offering me work I did when I finished my training I have come a long way since then and already have better offers.

Has anybody had any positive results from Jobsites ( etc)? I mean the dream job they claim to find for you. I have some success using industry specific sites but nothing with these larger all-rounder ones.


  babybell 12:23 05 Nov 2010

Same as you, all I got for weeks after uploading my CV was calls from agencies trying to get me on their books.

  al's left peg 13:04 05 Nov 2010


you may have some success with these sites, as you are specialised as such. I worked for 18 years in a unfamiliar job within the food industry and did not get a sniff of a job similar to my previous role.

It may be that you have to change your career, and it's no bad thing in reality. You will have skills gained in your previous role that will be of value to future employers. Try to have an open view and attitude to your future employment, it will open up more avenues to you which you may not of thought of before.
Finally good luck in your search.

  Strawballs 17:07 05 Nov 2010

Pompey football club has had success with one of them.

  Strawballs 17:09 05 Nov 2010
  Noldi 21:12 07 Nov 2010

The last company I worked for before branching off into a specialised industry has offered me a job but I dont like the ides of going back. I think maybe some dont believe my CV I dont know. I see that I have 400 hits on my CV with the one connected with Portsmouth. In the last 20 years I have changed jobs 7 times all with head hunters so I am aware of a agency that is looking to tick boxes and one that has an interest in my career.


  Uboat 23:28 07 Nov 2010

Noldi would you work in Hotels.? there is ALWAYS work..if so try this

click here

  Uboat 23:28 07 Nov 2010

btw ive had many jobs from that site!

  Noldi 11:33 08 Nov 2010

I work in Engineering on what could be described as the show biz side. I would like to stay in Engineering but on a less stressful role. The reason I mentioned this is they promise a dream job but you get nothing except agency’s I suppose just being a bit naïve. I will stick with the ones I know but that will just put me in a similar role.

click here

click here


  interzone55 11:42 08 Nov 2010

I'm really not sure about job sites.

I will need to move next year, so it's unlikely I will be able to continue with my current job (140 mile round trip daily is not my idea of fun) so I've registered with a couple of sites, stating I am interested in jobs with a 25 mile radius of LA6, and all I seem to get is jobs in Berkshire & Humberside, neither of which is even close to Lancaster.

If you've worked for 11 years in Switzerland can we assume a long tunnel was involved somewhere?

  Noldi 11:59 08 Nov 2010

"If you've worked for 11 years in Switzerland can we assume a long tunnel was involved somewhere?"

No tunnels but I have visit it a few times at Altdorf (north end) quite an amazing project would like to have been involved.

No im involved in Sport well some would not call it sport, But we refer to it as show biz because thats what it is really.

I have the same problem in Sussex drive 200 miles to Northhamptonshire every day or stay away all week or find a propper job close by.


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