Any Redundancy Experts Out There?

  babybell 12:16 30 Nov 2010

Firstly, I appreciate you cannot give me qualified advice, but I just need some information from anyone who may know.

I've been put "at-risk" by my company and shown a chart of the future restructure and my job role isn't on it, so I'm definately out the door.

Information is scarce at the moment, but rumours are that they are going to tell us we are redundant BUT make us work our notice, which I've heard they can do.

BUT, if I refuse to work my notice, due to having found another job, can then then claim I am leaving on my own accord and retract the redundancy offer?

  Woolwell 12:21 30 Nov 2010

This may help click here

  Woolwell 12:23 30 Nov 2010

This page of that site is more helpful - see starting a new job click here

  uk-wizard 12:31 30 Nov 2010

If they have put you 'at risk' then you have not yet been made redundant so you best stay there until you actually get told - they may promote you sideways!
It depends on the wording of the redundancy notice. The firm may designate you as 'key' staff and you then might have to work your notice, they may say that you can leave if you have found another job. Until you get the notice you wont know.

  bjh 12:33 30 Nov 2010

They can, indeed, retract any redundancy payment if you choose to leave before your final redundancy date.
They may also be open to negotiation, and may wish to foster "goodwill" amongst staff, so you may find they are willing to pay, or part-pay redundancy even if you wish to leave early. They do not have to, so a polite and informal approach to HR might be in order.

If they are keen to shad staff, you may find them amenable to letting you leave at a time of your choosing, and still offering redundancy.

  babybell 13:07 30 Nov 2010

It has now been divulged that we will be given a redundancy date (likely to be the end of the year) BUT we will be asked to stay on for a further 3 months to see the business through the busy new year period. However, this will be voluntary and people will be "rewarded" for staying on.

If however, like myself, people have a new job already in place, then we can refuse the offer and we can still get our redundancy AND paid notice.

  bjh 13:23 30 Nov 2010

Good job. Hope things work out for the best! Lets hope "reward" is generous as well for those who stay!

  BT 17:01 30 Nov 2010

The terms sound about right.

You are entitled to 90 days notice or pay in Lieu, as well as your Redundancy so they're only complying with their obligations.

Its also worth remembering that once you have been served notice you can request a reasonable amount of time off to attend interviews etc.

  rawprawn 17:43 30 Nov 2010

I was made redundant in 1967,as a result I started my own business in direct competition with my old company and never looked back.
The proudest moment in my life was when my old company 15 years later asked if I would be interested to take them over, I declined the offer.
I wish you well it is a time of great stress and being completely torn what is best to do for your family,and what is best to do for yourself.
I wish you astoundingly "Good Luck"
Sorry this may not answer your question, but I would like to think it will give you a positive attitude.

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